Web host support – Setting up customer support for Newbie web hosts

Web hosting is a highly competitive field. A newbie web host may face many challenges and dilemma in their initial stages, before they can find their feet in the market.

One such major decision making aspect is providing web hosting support for your end customers. Quality support increases customer retention, which is as important as new customer acquisition.

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There is no hard and fast rule on how to provide customer support. However, for a startup web hosting company, it’s best to be aware of the options available.

A world-class outsourced web hosting support team can help those web hosts who are challenged running their web hosting business. But it may not be feasible for all newbie web hosts to spend a huge fortune on customer support.

While deciding on how to provide the support, the same rules don’t apply everywhere. Larger hosting companies should be handled differently from smaller hosts. If you are a newbie ask yourself these 5 questions.

The answers to these questions will help you decide which support system to be used. Let’s see how the answers to each question would influence the plan.

1) How many hours can you spend daily for providing support?

Web hosting business is not just about customer support. You’d need to spend a good deal of time on marketing and sales activities, especially during the initial phase.

What if you don’t have much time available to spare for handling support? Initially, when the customer base is less and queries are only a few, you may need to spend only 3-4 hours daily on handling them. But this can go up as client base increases.

We know that web hosting support is not just about handling customer queries. Managing and securing the servers is very vital to protect your business. Troubleshooting service or software issues can take up a huge chunk of your time.

Not to mention the quality checks and systems to be implemented to streamline your business. All these can cause too much hassle to the web host. That’s where a good Outsourced web hosting support team helps.

Bobcares provides different support packages to web hosts, based on their customer base and budget requirements. We also provide flexible timing support, which customers can purchase to cover their non-business hours.

By covering everything from multi-channel support to quality checks and customer feedback handling, we save the valuable time of web hosts, and they can use that time to grow their business further.

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2) What is your technical capability ?

Many startup companies are run by a single owner who juggles the roles of sales, support and billing person by himself. Support is one department where his technical skills would be tested daily.

Single owners who are not technically ready, would end up losing more money and time which otherwise could have been used effectively for growth of the company.

Retaining existing customers and giving them a delightful support experience is more important than gaining new customers. This won’t be possible if their queries are delayed or not properly resolved.

By the time your clientèle starts growing, you need to get a proper system running. Many newbie web hosts won’t be familiar with the various systems involved, but it can be handled with the help of a good Outsourced web hosting support.

At Bobcares, we handle everything from initial system setup to server management and proactive audits, along with help desk management and other customer support services.

All of this, we do without costing you a fortune. With our expertise handling different ranges of web hosts and almost all type of server software and service issues, we’re able to ensure a top-quality support experience.

We resolve issues within the guaranteed time, which helps to create a good impression about the service to your customers. To ensure quality support, we even have a team dedicated to do the quality check of our work.


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