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5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

Customer retention doesn’t come easily. Customers are always on the look out for better services. To ensure that your customers stay with you always, you need to maintain the service quality throughout.

The biggest challenge that web hosts face, is to keep their customers satisfied as days go by. There are a variety of aspects that should be taken care of, for this. Web server maintenance is the topmost of them.

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Here, we will see the major tasks we do, that help us provide an efficient web server maintenance service for our customers.

1. Customer service

Customer support is the most important aspect as far as a web host is concerned. A technically sound support team, with good communication skills and customer focus, can do wonders to your business.

Quality resolutions in a timely manner – that’s what gives an upper hand to Bobcares’ web server maintenance services. Not only do we keep the SLA promises, but we even go one step ahead to delight the customers with our proactive approach.

Our personalized and proactive customer service helps a lot to make them feel that we care for their business as much as they do! We have customized systems in place to deliver a smooth web site experience to our customers.

When Bobcares handles customer service for web hosts, we convey the main highlights and key factors of your hosting that would cater to their specific needs, and deal with the prospective customers in a caring and personalized manner.

This would save all confusions later on, after sign up. We also give them customized updates rather than robotic replies. They would get a sneak-peak into the excellent customer services they’d gain by signing up with your business.

2. Initial web server setup

In our web server maintenance services, we help customers set up their account on your server. Most people write reviews, good or bad, based on their initial experiences with the host.

We take advantage of this time to create a good impression among the customers regarding your hosting. As soon as the order processing is complete, we perform the account setup, be it a server or a web site.

By following a comprehensive deployment procedure and checklist, automating necessary steps and adhering to the timeliness factors, we leave no stone unturned to see that the customer’s business go live soon.

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3. Web server maintenance

The web server maintenance services at Bobcares is handled by an efficient and competent support team who are experts in handling multiple web server software.

With our Proactive Server Management and 24/7 expert monitoring services, we detect and resolve all server issues even before your customers come to know about it.

We also perform daily server checks to ensure that the server is in perfect health and conduct preventive security audits and hardware checks to avoid any server crash that may hamper with the uptime guarantee.

Here are a few major tasks that we perform, as a part of our web server maintenance services :

  1. Server performance metrics such as load, CPU and memory, speed of website loading, disk usage, server health. etc.
  2. Service uptime assurance to ensure critical services such as MySQL, Email, Web, Control panel, etc. are functioning well.
  3. Server process monitoring to detect and control abusive and resource-extensive processes and outdated software.
  4. Server security assurance to protect the web server from hacks, spamming, exploits and other vulnerabilities, 24/7.
  5. Server maintenance activities on a regular basis, which includes all software upgrade, security and performance audits.

We also plan all maintenance activities in advance and during off-peak hours, and try to minimize the downtime involved. With advance notices and timely updates to customers, we give them a feeling of satisfaction that their web host is taking good care of their servers.

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4. Web server backups

Backups are like life-jackets! When you wear it, you may feel uncomfortable, but without it, you could be dead!

In cases of an unexpected server crash, or other disasters, backups help to restore the service with minimal downtime. Backup management is a critical activity we perform as a part of our web server maintenance services.

Maintaining local and remote backups as appropriate, enables us to ensure business continuity and to avoid business downtime for customers, even in case of a calamity.

5. Account terminations

Timely account terminations are equally important as sign-ups. Leaving obsolete accounts in the server can use up your valuable server resources such as disk space and bandwidth.

Bygone accounts are also easy source of hacks for predators. We keep track of the accounts that are suspended due to various reasons, and ensure that they don’t affect the server adversely.

In our web server maintenance services, we have a policy to audit the server files and accounts periodically, and to remove unused accounts and unwanted files from the server.

With our 360 degree comprehensive web server management and customer support services, we’ve been able to help many web hosts retain their hard-earned customers as life-long ones.

If you’d like to know how you can better serve your customers with our 24/7 efficient web server management services, we’d be happy to talk to you.



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