How outsourced customer support improves customer retention in your hosting business

How outsourced customer support improves customer retention in your hosting business

“Please close this issue and pat yourself on the head, next time we will just come straight to you guys. You guys are life savers. Next time I’m in town I would like to kiss the man or woman who fixed this issue. Can i send you a fruit basket or something?”

The above is a thanks reply one of our staff got after fixing an issue. While handling the outsourced customer support for web hosting companies of different sizes, our main focus is to create such delighted customers.

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While customer testimonials are something we all love to hear over and over again, it’s not an easy job to make sure that such positive feedback happens not once, but often.

This article gives you an insight into how we practice ensuring customer delight, as a habit at Bobcares.

Why customer satisfaction is important

Well! we all know that ‘word of mouth’ is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. A satisfied customer tells FIVE people while a dissatisfied customer tells TWENTY.

A dissatisfied customer will not only stop the service but, more importantly, will also tell his friends and relatives about the bad experience he had. This will give your business a negative reputation among several new customers and some of existing customers as well.

On the contrary, if you can build a great experience, they will share it with others. One satisfied customer is capable of promoting our brand image more effectively than most other forms of advertising.

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How outsourced customer support helps you

The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive industries. To maintain a good business reputation, it is vital to adapt faster to accommodate the customer needs.

But the role played by the support in customer retention is often underestimated in this industry. We always have a norm of seeing the customer support as pure techie guys.

No matter how technically good your support team is, if they fail to communicate effectively to the customer or to understand his concerns, the whole business would be affected.

A good outsourced customer support team would relate to the customer in more than mere technical aspect. The trust and understanding between the Tech and the customer leads to a Rapport building.

This ‘rapport building’ can help in improving customer retention, with these advantages:

  • Good customer support helps to build a strong relationship with the customer.
  • Customers would co-operate effortlessly in case of ongoing issues and it wont become an unpleasant experience to anyone.
  • Customer would be more forgiving and less irate, and wouldn’t mind occasional minor mistakes.
  • Having built a rapport with the customer helps, as he will accommodate even if the issue is unresolved within the prescribed time.


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