How our after hours phone service helped a webhost retain his customers

It is easy to make or break a customer relation over phone. A customer who experiences good quality support from you, would not only stick on to your business, but also helps promote your business by sharing their good support experiences with others too.

But what if your services are not available when your customers need it? They’d soon leave you for your competitors, or share poor reviews about your hosting. That’s where Bobcares’ after hours phone services help web hosts.

Do you need to provide after hours phone service?

After hours phone service is indispensable to handle these scenarios:

  1. If you’re a growing web host with clientele expanding over different time zones
  2. If you’ve customers who are webmasters who work on their websites after business hours
  3. If your customers expect to get in touch with support any time, especially during an emergency

Recently, we were contacted by a web host who offered phone support services to his customers. His phone support team consisted of a single phone support personnel who worked during business hours.

But as the business grew, the competition also grew. Customers were spread across different territories, and their business hours varied from the web host’s hours of phone service.

When those customers tried to contact the phone support services, it was unavailable, causing them so much annoyance. One way out for the web host was to hire staff 24/7 to handle all customers.

But this was not a cost-effective move, as the non-business hours calls were not enough to hire full-time staff. That’s when the web host contacted Bobcares for ‘after hours phone service’.

See how our phone support team helps you!

How Bobcares’ after hours phone service helps you

We cater to the needs of the web hosts with these key features of our phone support:

1. Budget-friendly support plans

Bobcares’ after hours phone services let you go home and relax, instead of worrying about customer calls. We have support packages that can be tuned to each customer’s requirements.

With support technicians available round the clock, we are able to deliver phone support any time of the day. As we charge only for the call minutes, our packages appeal so much to web hosts who want after hours coverage at affordable pricing.

Our 24/7 coverage saves you from disgruntled customers and missed growth opportunities. Web hosts who require coverage only for a short-term basis like as peak business times, also benefit from these plans.

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2. Support with a personal touch

We get to know our customers and their clientele very well. With our in-depth knowledge on customer guidelines and business USP, we are able to act as an extended part of your inhouse team, giving your customers a delightful experience.

after hours phone service

Our experience handling different types of customers help us to easily cater to their needs


Customers vary in their technical knowledge and requirements. Keeping track of customer records and preferences helps us to provide them a personalized support experience, which make them fans of our phone support services.

3. Consistent focus on quality

Providing after hours phone services to customers is of no use, if the support quality is poor. Customers do not prefer getting robotic updates or having to repeat their issue multiple times to the support personnel.

24/7 support availability, focus on first call resolution, empathetic US based staff, hands-on technical expertise, all these factors help us to deliver top-quality support.

With continuous efforts from our dedicated quality team and by adopting a regular customer feedback system, we are able to pinpoint and resolve even minor issues that may affect the service quality.

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The web host was able to serve his customers better with Bobcares’ after hours phone services. If you’d like to know how you too can make things better for your customers, we’d be happy to talk to you.



Use Bobcares for your phone support services. Ensure 24/7 coverage for your customers!


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