3 ways how phone support outsourcing improves customer retention

Customers need instant gratification. And the best way to provide it, is via phone.

But often, hosting providers get apprehensive about providing it, due to the cost and the overhead involved in the process. That’s where phone support outsourcing helps your business.

Phone support helps to win over customer confidence with personalised conversations. It is particularly effective in situations like:

  1. Providing clarification to prospective customers regarding services
  2. Giving immediate assistance to customers who contact for emergencies
  3. Hand-holding for customers who are not tech-savvy
  4. Dealing with agitated customers who need special attention

But ensuring a top-notch phone support is not an easy job. The right phone support team who can deliver customer-friendly support at reasonable costs – that’s what every hosting provider needs!

How phone support outsourcing benefits you

Today, we’ll see the 3 benefits you’d gain by choosing the best phone support provider for your service needs.

1. Cost savings

In phone support, costs can incur in 2 main categories:

a. Hiring & training the right staff – Hiring the right people who are skillful and empathetic, and giving them the required training, can be a costly affair. Costs can go higher if you cannot retain your employees.

b. Operational costs  This include the day-to-day operations such as ensuring availability of people to cover the support timing, infrastructure facilities such as power, office space, bandwidth and so on.

When you outsource phone support services, you need not worry about any of these cost aspects or the overhead involved. This helps you to achieve around 80% cost savings over inhouse phone support.

2. Personalised support

When it comes to ensuring customer delight, nothing can beat the importance of providing them personalised support. Support agent availability to prompt and helpful responses – too many parameters determine the support quality.

Nothing pisses off customers who have to wait in queue for long, when stuck with an emergency. A good phone support outsourcing service can avoid such delays by managing their support team well.

Another important aspect is having phone support technicians who can converse with your customers in their language. A professional conversation in a friendly manner – that’s what gives that customised support to customers.

3. Timely feedback

No support is good, unless the customer perceives it to be good. That’s why it is important to collect timely feedback from customers and analyse it to improve the support.

With phone support agents who are skilled in customer management, it is possible to obtain timely feedback from customers. Before winding up the call, they can confirm with the customer that his concerns and queries are handled well.

Recording the feedback, analysing it, taking actions to correct it and following up with the customer – an efficient phone support outsourcing company addresses all these aspects.

How Bobcares’ phone support outsourcing can help you

At Bobcares, we provide phone support outsourcing services based in US. With our efficient call management systems and quality assurance, we are able to deliver top-notch phone support to our customers.

We also have a regular feedback system in place, which helps us to validate our service quality. With their expertise in customer care, our phone support agents give the personal touch that your customer craves for, at affordable pricing.

If you’d like to know how you can better serve your customers with our 24/7 efficient phone support specialists, we’d be happy to talk to you.




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