How a web host gained 80% savings with our cost-effective phone support services

Providing phone support services to customers helps web hosts gain an upper hand in the industry. But, what if the cost incurred for that is far more than you can afford?

Many web hosts who operate phone support services inhouse, end up burning their fingers due to the costs involved. Today, we’ll see the costs incurred to provide 24/7 phone support, and how we helped a web host provide cost-effective phone support services.

Inhouse phone support services: A costly affair!

Recently, we were contacted by a medium sized web host who offered phone support services to his customers. Initially he handled all the calls by himself.

As the customer base slowly increased, he hired a support staff to take care of phone calls and tickets. But as customers started coming in from various geographic locations, the lone support staff couldn’t cover the calls that came after business hours.

Soon complaints started pouring in from customers who were not getting timely support. The web host started looking at the options he had. The first thing he did, was to break down the costs he’d incur to provide 24/7 phone support using inhouse staff.

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Costs involved in providing 24/7 phone support

The various expenses he listed down, included:

1. Hiring the right staff – Empathetic and skilful technicians who can converse well, is a must to ensure good quality phone support. The hiring process to find the right candidates can be complex and costly.

2. Hands-on training – The phone support technicians should be provided with adequate training to handle different types of customers and situations that can arise, and the required technical skills and company systems. All these can take up so much time and effort.

3. Operational costs This include managing day-to-day operations such as ensuring availability of people to cover the support timing, infrastructure facilities such as power, office space, bandwidth and so on.

All these activities required investment in the form of time, effort and money, which added up to a huge sum. The employee attrition and related tasks added further on to it.

The web host realized that these costs can soon gobble up his hard earned profits. That’s when he approached Bobcares to know the feasibility of hiring cost-effective phone support services.

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How Bobcares provided cost-effective phone support service

Bobcares offer outsourced phone support services to web hosts that range from small and medium ones to global businesses. We accomplish this with our team of expert phone support technicians who are based in US and work round the clock.



Based on the call volume that is expected for each company, we provide flexible plans

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The purchased call minutes from Bobcares can be spread across any timing the web host opts for. This makes it easier for them to buy a phone support package that is customized to their requirements.

We analyzed the call volume of the web host and offered a package of 1300 minutes per month, which easily covered his requirements of around 15 calls per day.

Let’s see a comparison of costs that he’d incur in both cases – Inhouse phone support Vs Bobcares support. He was surprised to know that it is possible to provide 24/7 phone support services to his customers at just around $3000 per month.

ExpensesIn-house supportBobcares
Staff expenseSalary, benefits for 24 hour coverage – 24 hours x 30 days x $15/hour – $10,800 (Benefits extra.)No expense.
Office expenseFor a commercial space – $1200/moNo expense.
InfrastructureComputers, furniture, work environment facilities – one time variable expenseNo expense.
Bandwidth, electricity, utilitiesAround $1000/moNo expense.
Total costMonthly $13,000 + Initial setup for infrastructure24/7 phone support for 1300 minutes per month = 1300 x $2.49 = $ 3237/mo

Savings over Inhouse support – 80%


By choosing outsourced phone support services from Bobcares, web host could get all the benefits of a world class quality support without feeling the pinch, which wouldn’t have been possible if he was doing it inhouse.

If you’d like to know how you can better serve your customers with our 24/7 cost-effective phone support services, we’d be happy to talk to you.



Use Bobcares for your phone support services. Get around 80% cost savings!


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