Should you outsource customer support for your webhosting business?

No business can thrive without customers. That’s why providing excellent customer support is a must. For customers to feel delighted, they should feel cared for, and their concerns should be addressed without delay.

Delayed or poor quality support can shoo away your valuable customers and hinder your growth prospects. But maintaining a good customer support team requires effort and money.

Top quality support at affordable pricing – That’s what you gain when you outsource customer support services to an expert provider.

Benefits when you outsource customer support over phone

The preferable support channel may vary from one customer to another. While some customers prefer immediate solution via phone or live chat, others may prefer the traditional email support channel.

Today, we’ll see some of the benefits you’d reap by choosing outsourced customer support for your phone support services.

1. Focus more on your business

During the initial stages of your business, you may want to focus more on the core business operations to catch up in the industry. As your business grows, it may get difficult for you to manage the core functions and support activities together.

Having a reliable phone support team, spares your time and energy off support calls and lets you focus on what matters the most. When you outsource customer support to Bobcares, you get superior phone support services that help you grow your business in no time.

[ Use your time to build your business. We’ll take care of your customers. Hire our phone support specialists at affordable pricing. ]

2. Prompt and reliable support

Everyone needs instant gratification. In support channels, there is nothing that ensures a timely resolution as the phone support. A support query to website down, customers prefer it when their concerns are resolved in a few minutes over phone.

At Bobcares, we have a 24/7 friendly US based phone support team who provide quick assistance to your customers in real-time. With our custom queue management software, we efficiently manage even fluctuating call volumes.

3. Expert assistance over phone

No customer prefers calling support multiple times to get their issue resolved, or having to wait for long to get an update regarding their queries. To retain your hard-earned clientele, you need to provide quality support.


24/7 phone support provides expert assistance to customers in emergency

See how our phone support team helps you!


With our solid quality management system, years of industry knowledge and customer support expertise, we are able to provide top-notch phone support service to web hosting businesses of all sizes and types.

4. Easily scalable support packages

Support requirements can vary over time and customer demands. For instance, you may need phone support staff to cover your non-business hours or to assist during peak-time support scenarios such as migrations or maintenance.

Bobcares offers flexible phone support packages that range from night coverage to 24/7 support. When a need for additional agents arise, we provide the skilled manpower in no time. This quick scalability helps to easily handle your growing business needs.

[ You don’t have to lose your sleep to keep your customers happy. Get the best phone support specialists to care for your customers 24/7. ]

5. Outsource customer support save costs

In phone support service, cost is involved in recruiting, training, monitoring and managing support staff. In addition to that, office space, infrastructure and good work environment are also vital.

Bobcares help web hosts save costs with our ‘pay only for the services’ packages. We handle all the indirect tasks involved in maintaining a 24/7 phone support team, which gives you personalized support at low costs.



Use Bobcares for your phone support services. Ensure 24/7 coverage for your customers!


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