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5 must-know reasons why you should outsource customer support for your webhosting business

5 must-know reasons why you should outsource customer support for your webhosting business

As we all know, customers are the king in any business. In a competitive industry, having an upper hand in excellent customer support is therefore a must, to thrive in business.

For customers to feel delighted, they should feel cared for, and their concerns should be addressed without delay. Unresponsive or delayed or poor quality support can shoo away your valuable customers.

Unhappy customers can post poor reviews about your company, which can cause your prospective customers to run away too. That’s why quality customer support is vital for your web hosting business to survive.

Benefits you reap when you outsource customer support

Web hosting providers often have this confusion, whether or not to outsource customer support for their hosting business. Today, we’ll see some of the benefits you’d reap by choosing outsourced support services.


1. Absolute focus on your core business

During the initial stages of your business, you may want to focus more on the core business operations that would let you catch up in the industry. Having a reliable customer support company gives you enough time and energy for doing that.

For large businesses, or as your business grows further, it may get difficult to manage the core functions and at the same time, ensure quality service for your huge customer base.

By outsourcing tech support to an experienced support service provider, you can spare your valuable time from being spent on support activities and instead, focus more on the core competencies of your business.

Bobcares, with our superior customer support services, has been able to aid several web hosts in penning down their success stories in the industry by helping them multiply their growth in a short span of time.

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2. Excellent customer support from the experts

No customer prefers contacting support multiple times to get their issue resolved, or having to wait hours to get an update regarding their queries. That’s where quality of support matters.

SMBs who deal with a smaller customer base initially would benefit from the market knowledge and hands-on experience of customer support companies who are the industry experts, for their future growth.

At Bobcares, we have garnered industry knowledge and customer support expertise over years, which helps us provide value-added services and customer insights that help businesses grow and improve their services.

With our solid quality management system, we are able to provide top-notch customer service at every phase of support process to web hosting businesses of all sizes and types.

We’ve been able to prevent server incidents by up to 15% by using our proactive server management (click here to see how we improve web hosting support).


3. Easily scalable support packages

Business requirements can vary over time and demand. For instance, you may need support staff to cover your night time or to assist in the peak-season business sales.

Outsourcing customer service to a support company that offers flexible packages, helps to relieve the stress and workload on you during such scenarios and to handle your fast growing business needs.

Bobcares offers support packages that range from shared support to night coverage or 24/7 dedicated support team of any size. When a need for additional agents arise, we are able to provide the skilled manpower in no time, thus enabling faster scalability.

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4. Outsource customer support to save costs

In any business, cost is involved in recruiting, training, monitoring and managing support staff. In addition to that, office space, infrastructure and good work environment for the staff are also vital.

With an outsourced customer support company to help you, you can easily forget all those indirect costs involved in successfully managing an inhouse support team.

Bobcares help web hosts save costs with our ‘pay only for the services’ packages. We have a customized internal training process tweaked for each customer’s business, which gives them personalized support at low costs.

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5. Multi-channel and reliable support

The preferable support channel may vary from one customer to another. While some customers prefer immediate solution via phone or live chat, others may prefer the traditional email support channel.

In any support channel, confidentiality of your critical data and timely resolution for customer issues are two major aspects to consider. Being equipped with the latest support tools, processes, technology and infrastructure also plays a pivotal role in support.

At Bobcares, we provide quality support via all channels – phone, email or live chat. Our strict information security standards have helped us ensure data confidentiality of our customer data.

Our fully transparent outsourced phone support handled by our friendly US based staff provides quick assistance to our customers via real-time support. With our custom queue management software, we efficiently manage fluctuating call volumes seamlessly.

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Do you spend all day answering technical support queries?

Wish you had more time to focus on your business? Let us help you.

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