3 salient features that help us deliver outstanding multi-channel support for web hosts

3 salient features that help us deliver outstanding multi-channel support for web hosts

Different customers prefer different modes of communication. While one person may be comfortable typing emails, other one may prefer a direct phone conversation.

Urgency of the support request, convenience of the customers and availability of the channel also determines the support channel they wish to use. That’s why its important for web hosts to provide multi-channel support services.

Being a support company that provides multi-channel support services in our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we shall share the 3 salient features that help us ensure delightful customer experience.

1. Provide channels relevant for all customers

As it is difficult to specifically know the preference of each customer, the best way out is to ensure all the latest and relevant support channels for customers.

In a multi-channel support system, the following channels need to be included, in order to cater to all type of customers.

a. Phone b. Email c. Live chat d. Web portals e. Social media

But these support channels can be effectively used by the customers only if the support techs are available 24/7 to handle their requests. Nobody would want to make an urgent support request over phone, if all they get back is an automated message.

At Bobcares, our dedicated specialists are equipped to provide multi-channel customer support for web hosts via phone, email support, live chat and other web portals or social media accounts.

The best part of Bobcares’ support system is that you get 24/7 support in all these channels, as we have our trained technicians available throughout, to handle your customers who hail from different parts of the world.

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2. Assign experts specific to each channel

Like how customers prefer one channel over the others, the support company should be able to assign agents who are expert in each mode of communication, to that channel.

For instance, a phone support agent should have a clear and audible voice and should be fluent with the local accent of the customers, whereas in email support none of these really matters.

A person who handles email support should be trained to provide intermediate updates with the relevant details, whereas a live chat support personnel should be adept in multi-tasking.

Bobcares’ expert phone support staff is US based and comprises of technicians whose native language is English. This helps us to provide completely transparent phone support services to the customers.

Having a team of empathetic technicians, who are specialists in their chosen support channel, enables us to maintain top-notch quality support in our multi-channel support system.

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3. Integrate the updates from multiple channels

What if your customer decides to switch channels midway but the email support staff has no clue about what was discussed with the phone support technician?

From the end customer’s point of view, he is dealing with a single company, which is his web host. Customers see multi-channel support as a single system, and ensuring the same is vital for its success.

If a frustrated customer has to go around repeating his issues to each and every support personnel, your support system ends up a failure. That’s why its crucial to integrate the customer updates from different channels into a single view.

Bobcares ensures that our multi-channel support system is like an assorted chocolate box where customers can pick up any one of their choice, but all part of a single box.

We have internal systems to track the customer updates in all different channels and integrate them into a single location, which every support personnel can look up live. This helps us deliver seamless service to the customers, no matter what channel they choose.

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Bobcares has helped web hosts grow from a single server to a data center in less than 5 years, after entering into support partnership with us. If you’d like know more about how our 24/7 multi-channel support can help your business, feel free to contact us.



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