Top 5 reasons to use Live Chat for customer support

Top 5 reasons to use Live Chat for customer support

Suppose your server is down. What would you do? Would you rather email the support team and keep checking your mails or contact their live chat for instant updates?

Surveys show that customers prefer live chat over other phone or email. Here we’ll see the 5 major benefits of live chat for customer support in web hosting companies.

Benefits of live chat in customer support

Benefits of live chat

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1. Instant access to support

Customers often require emergency assistance or quick lookup of some information. Live chat is popular among customers as it provides them a single-click access to support.


Instant access for customers in live chat for customer support


But what if your live chat isn’t always ‘live’? If support personnel are unavailable when customers try to connect, they get disappointed and end up leaving Offline messages.

Unavailability of live chat can often lead to a poor impression about your hosting support on your customers. That is why providing 24/7 live chat support is crucial.

At Bobcares, we ensure 24/7 live chat coverage for our customers by assigning a team of technicians in rotational shifts, making support available any time of the day.

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2. No hold time

Phone support is one of the popular real-time support channels. But customers often lose their valuable time holding the phone or dialing the extensions.

People nowadays prefer live chat over phone, as it do not require them to be glued to it. They can multi-task along with the chat, such as browsing or checking emails.


No hold time in live chat for customer support


Being instant in nature, quick and frequent updates are expected in live chat support. But If the support staff lacks expertise, the chats may get extended unnecessarily.

At Bobcares, we employ a team of knowledgeable staff to ensure that live chats are resolved completely within an average time of 15-20 minutes, without any wait times.

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3. Customized support through real-time feedback

Customers come to chat for various purposes – to get help with a product purchase, to resolve a complaint, etc. But the mood and the urgency of each customer may vary.

Giving prompt solutions and reassuring statements based on the customer’s purpose, can avoid most damages. Live chat is a great way to do this.


Customized support in live chat for customer support


But we have seen people recommending templates in live chat. Templates are impersonal, which ends up irritating the customers. That’s why its important to give custom responses.

Bobcares ensures that personalized responses are provided to customers by employing empathetic staff who are experts and understand the situation in hand.

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