Why you need live chat customer service to boost your sales

Why you need live chat customer service to boost your sales

Customers love it when they get support in real time! That’s what makes live chat customer service the most preferred support channel in every online business.

Live chats are much faster than email support and more convenient than phone support. Chat technicians can assist customers with everything that ranges from pre-sales to service issues.

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Here, we’ll see how a 24/7 live chat support team can help customers who want assistance in pre-sales and thus helps to grow your business.

1. Provide instant solutions

Instant solutions is what everyone needs! Prospective customers who visit your website to purchase your products or services would’ve many questions to clarify before buying them.

Lack of timely response can shoo away your prospective customers to your competitors, losing out on valuable business. Quick chats are efficient in solving such customer concerns in a single click.

Live chat technicians can respond instantly to customer queries, providing instant solutions to them. If your business is a global one with customers around the world, you’d need to provide them support round the clock.

If your business is more localised to your area, you may need to ensure only business hour chat support. But in either scenarios, having chat technicians available when the customers come with their queries or issues, is very important.

At Bobcares, our experts are available online in live chat ’round the clock’ to address customer queries. By providing adequate number of technicians in customers’ choice of timings, we’ve been able to ensure delightful customer experience.

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2. Customers can multi-task

Live chats provide customers with an option to multi-task. Along with browsing the websites or other tasks, customer can do the chats. This provides them with so much flexibility.

Once the chat is over, the customer is free. They need not keep checking the mails or tickets, for an update from support. So, many customers prefer live chat over other support medium.

3. Increase your business

Live chat comes in the top most layer of a sales funnel. It is usually the entry point which determines whether the prospective customer who visits your site would sign up for your business.

Someone who is on your site is interested in what you have to offer. Customers may have some questions they want to get answered, before they feel ready to make a purchasing decision.

Live chats are the best way to handle pre-sales queries. With personalised query handling, the customer will get a better idea about the services provided and the quality of your customer service.

By integrating live chat into your website, Bobcares team helps to provide instant assistance to your customers. We equip skilled personnel to handle the chats, which helps your brand name to get a boost and increase your sales.

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4. Get market insight

Market insights and customer trend analysis are vital aspects to consider while making business strategies. The chat transcripts related to pre-sales queries helps you to gain insight into your business performance.

Which product sells the most? Are you missing out any product that customers look for? Is your product pricing too high to garner business? – All these are crucial decision-making parameters in a business.

Upon reviewing the pre-sales chat records in live chat service, you’d get a better picture about your sales performance, buyer preferences, visitor base and business shortfalls.

Bobcares’ live chat team is monitored by our quality assurance experts, who review the transcripts for quality and timeliness, and prepare a summary report regarding the chats.

We examine these chat statistics and give our analysis to the customers, who can take crucial business decisions based on this information, and thus improvise their business.

To summarize..

Nothing beats live chat customer service when it comes to instant gratification. Live chat is that one-click support solution that is both convenient and effective to aid customers in their purchasing choices.

With skilled support staff and efficient management, live chat help businesses gain better sales conversions. If you’d like to know how to improve your business with live chat support, feel free to talk to us.



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