Top 4 benefits you gain when you outsource chat support 

Top 4 benefits you gain when you outsource chat support 

As industry gets more competitive, customers are presented with various alluring offers by the companies. To stay ahead in business, you ought to keep abreast with these latest services in the market.

Multi-channel support is a must nowadays, to cater to customers of varying preferences. If you’re not yet offering it, or if your current support is not doing it right, its high time you hire a good outsourced chat support services.

Here, we’ll see the top 4 benefits your business can gain, when you outsource chat support to an expert customer service company.

1. Quick update to customers

When they face an emergency situation, everyone prefers to get a prompt update. Customers may not be ready to wait for an email to arrive, when they have a website down issue.

That’s when, having a prompt live chat support team can help you improve your customer satisfaction and give them a better support experience.

Once the chat is over, the customer is free to pursue his other tasks and won’t have to waste their time and effort as that is needed in other support channels such as phone or email.

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2. Increase website sales

Having a live chat support in your website can help you boost your business too, if you have staff who can handle both technical and pre-sales queries related to your hosting.

When customers come to purchase a plan or package for hosting their website, they may have certain queries or doubts, which can be easily clarified if you have your support personnel available then and there.

As they say, first impression is the best impression! Prospective customers would be floored by the promptness and friendliness of your chat support personnel, and wouldn’t think twice about signing up.

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3. Gauge customer satisfaction

For any business to develop, it is important to know how happy the customers are. Having a regular feedback mechanism is, therefore, a must in hosting business.

But, to collect customer feedback, there are no sure-to-work methods. Calling customers may need not be always a good idea, and mails can be left unanswered.

That’s where chat support can help. When a customer’s issue is resolved via chat, the support personnel can collect the rating or feedback immediately, and there is a high chance for customers to give it.

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4. Personalized customer support

Know your customer – Know his preferences, know his plan details, know his issues.. to give him that personalized care and support. A customer who is treated right, would never think of leaving you.

One customer may be technically knowledgeable, while someone else would like to be educated more. Knowing the customer is the easiest over chat support, than via other channels.

By following a conversational and real-time interaction with the customer, our chat support technicians are able to quickly bond with the customers and give them a delightful support experience.

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At Bobcares, we have specially trained chat personnel who can provide prompt and error-free responses to customers. With our high-speed and zero-downtime chat setup, we are able to stay live 24/7.

Our expert co-ordination of the multi-channel (email, phone and chat) support services enables us to provide uniform and latest update to the customers via all these channels.

If you’d like to know how we can help you boost your business by ensuring stable server configuration and efficient customer support services, we’d be happy to talk to you.



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