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Live chat support – Do you really need it for your hosting business?

Live chat support – Do you really need it for your hosting business?

Good customer service and technical support are the foundations of any hosting provider. They explicitly reflect the credibility and reliability of your company and helps you to run a successful show.

To instil confidence in potential customers about your business, an excellent customer service rating is a must. Not much needs to be told about the importance of retaining existing customers without much technical issues or extensive downtime.

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Why Live chat support is important?

One crucial aspect that always put web hosts into a dilemma is the type of support channel to be offered. There are mainly 3 modes of support:

  • Live chat
  • Email support
  • Phone support

Each person has his/her unique preference of communication. For instance, I personally prefer chat over emails and phone, but someone else may find it easier over phone.

With growing competition in the industry, web hosts now don’t hesitate to offer support via all channels. Top-notch support companies would give you multi-channel support services with experts in each mode.

While live chat support is often considered costlier than email support, the best support companies offer packages that give you all 3 modes of support services in affordable pricing.

Out of all 3, Live chat is the most preferred support channel over email and phone support for customers because of various reasons. Here, we’ll see how Live chat support helps you increase your customer base.

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Pros of Live chat support

  • Via Live chat, customers get to talk to the staff much faster than waiting for a response to a help desk ticket.
  • Simple doubts and queries can be discussed and sorted out faster via live chat.
  • Urgent and critical issues such as a website down or service failure, can be handled faster.
  • Best for pre-sales, to give customers a better idea about the services provided and the quality of your customer service.
  • Customers need not keep checking the mails or tickets, for updates. Once the chat is over, the customer is free.
  • Your staff would be able to give a personalized attention to the customers, which boosts customer delight.

However, many web hosts shy away from offering Live chat due to these reasons:

  • Staff will find it harder to prioritize work if there are more than 2-3 chats at a time.
  • Staff will be communicating faster, especially when there are more than 1 chat. So there is much higher rate of spelling or grammar mistakes.

At Bobcares, we are able to overcome all these concerns easily, with measures like these:

  • Giving extensive training to technicians in handling live chat and customer base.
  • Assigning more than one chat operator, at a time, to ensure no chats get missed.
  • Ensuring accurate updates to all issues by co-ordinating with all the other support channels.
  • Managing different queues for different departments; like sales department, billing department and technical department.

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Live chat, along with email support, is the best combo that attract customers. A web host cannot afford to compromise on customer service and technical support in an industry where customers rely heavily on the company’s IT infrastructure and expertise.

Nothing beats live chat customer service when it comes to instant gratification. Live chat is that one-click support solution that is both convenient and effective to aid customers in their purchasing choices.

With skilled support staff and efficient management, live chat help businesses gain better sales conversions. If you’d like to know how to improve your business with live chat support, feel free to talk to us.




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