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24/7 hosting support – 3 reasons why your web hosting business needs it

24/7 hosting support – 3 reasons why your web hosting business needs it

Do I really need to offer 24/7 hosting support to my customers? Can’t the tickets wait till business hours when my staff gets back to office? This is a common concern for web hosts, especially those who are new at business.

Tracking the ticket flow trends is a routine task we perform in our role as Outsourced web hosting Support for web hosts. A metric that often attracts special attention of web hosts is the volume of tickets generated in non-business-hours.

Based on our analysis, we would say that you DO need to provide a 24/7 hosting support desk. Here are the key points we analyzed for arriving at this decision.

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1. Ticket volume during non-business hours

Lets start with the numbers. Non-business-hours receive about 15% to 20% of the total ticket volume. This is quite a significant portion of the support traffic. This shows that at least 15% of your clients expect you to be online at all times.

If you have customers spread over different geographic areas, this percentage can go even higher. Owing to the growing competition in the industry, majority of web hosts are providing 24/7 support, and you wouldn’t want to lose out there.

Looking at the support category break down, 20% of the non-business-hours tickets are server alerts. These notifications are usually urgent in nature; that is, if you do not act on it immediately, it will start affecting the quality of your service.

It is paramount that a live person be present to monitor these alerts, and take necessary immediate action to avoid deterioration of service. The rest 80% of tickets include troubleshooting websites, configuring backups, and fixing mail problems.

Though arguably these issues can wait till business hours, these do represent a significant portion of webmasters who prefer to do their site maintenance after business hours. Not supporting them at their convenience would inevitably lead them to your competitors.

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2. Expenses incurred to provide 24/7 hosting support

So, why are some web hosts reluctant to provide 24/7 hosting support? Cost is cited as the main reason. The staff salary expense, infrastructure expense, bandwidth and electricity charges, etc would cost you a pretty penny.

That is why outsourcing the support is vital to save costs. You would be able to hire the best server management company at a reasonable pricing and would off-load the burden of hiring and managing the support staff and infrastructure, from you.

You would get a multitude of support packages that would suit your purposes, such as a mix of inhouse and outsourced staff. This configuration would be take care of business-hours support by your inhouse staff, and outsource non-business-hours support.

At Bobcares, our stringent quality monitoring systems, hands-on training systems and in-depth knowledge bases enable us to continually improve the service quality, and provide our customers with world-class care.

We also maintain specific client guidelines and train the dedicated specialists to peruse them for service provision, which helps us to provide transparent hosting support services to the end users.

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3. 24/7 expert hosting support for business growth

A true 24/7 hosting support results in higher customer retention, and gives you an edge in competitive marketing. It frees you up to do what you do best – growing your business.

Using an outsourced support partner gives you the flexibility to scale up as your business grows. For the support provider, the cost for scaling up will not be high, and you wont have to keep looking behind your back to see if everything is all right.

As support volumes grow, a support partner might even be able to provide you with dedicated hosting support resources handling solely your support. It then leads an opportunity to set custom performance targets, and greater control in support fine tuning.

With the competition in web hosting growing all the time, a true 24/7 hosting support is no longer an option, but a necessity. The good news is, with just a bit of right planning and focus, it is within the reach of any web host.

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Bobcares has seen our customers growing from a single server web host to a data center in less than 5 years, after entering into a support partnership with us. If you’d like know more about how 24/7 hosting support can help your business, feel free to contact us.



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