How Bobcares helped a web host reduce waiting time for his phone support customers

Customers prefer phone support when they are in a hurry or want to multi-task. Having to wait in queue for long to connect to the support team, can easily piss them off.

The success of a phone support depends on how soon the customers can connect to the support. Here, we’ll see what leads to long waiting times in phone support and how we tackle it.

Phone support – The waiting time challenges

Recently we were contacted by a web host who was offering phone support to his customers. He was providing it with the help of an outsourced support company that was chosen because of their low pricing.

Though their initial performance was reasonable, soon things started getting out of hand. Customers started complaining about getting busy tone always while contacting the support.

Customers contact phone support mostly when they face an emergency. Support being unavailable when they need it the most, can lose customers confidence in your hosting. That’s when the web host started looking for better options, and contacted Bobcares.

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What causes high waiting time in phone support

The web host had customers spread around the world. There were scenarios that webmasters or startups work at odd hours to get their websites running. So, different customers contacted support at different timings.

If the support is unavailable or busy when customers try to connect, it can lead to high waiting time for those phone support customers. In the case of this web host, some of the issues identified with the existing phone support were:

  1. Lack of adequate number of phone support staff to cover the 24/7 timings.
  2. Support staff spending too much time on each call due to language barriers, lack of technical skills, etc.
  3. The waiting time further increased during scenarios such as server downs and peak business hours when call volumes were high.

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How Bobcares reduce waiting time in phone support services

Over years of providing phone support services to web hosts, we’ve been able to avoid this problem of long waiting time, with these measures:

1. Round the clock support

At Bobcares, phone support staff are available 24/7. We provide support any time of the day or night. Our flexible phone support packages are budget-friendly and cater to the customer requirements for call minutes over their preferred timings.

By allocating our support agents over flexible shift timings based on customer requirements, we are able to ensure adequate staff during busy hours and avoid customers having to wait for long to connect to the support team.

2. Expertise of staff

We employ friendly and expert phone support staff who are based in US. This helps us to avoid any language barriers or communication gaps while dealing with customers over phone.

With hands-on training to boost their technical expertise, we enable our staff to quickly resolve customer issues over phone. We have constant quality checks and regular KPIs to ensure that the support agent do not drags any call unnecessarily.

3. Systems for management

At Bobcares, we have a 360 degree support coverage that also include help desk support, phone support, live chat, etc. With our efficient internal systems, we easily coordinate with the different support channels.

Internal systems to easily lookup customer records such as plan and support history, enables our phone agents to quickly handle each support call without much waiting time for the customers. This helps web hosts save the phone support minutes they’ve purchased.

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The web host decided to give our phone support services a try, and soon he was able to see a drastic reduction in the waiting time for his phone support customers. If you’d like to know how you can better serve your customers with our 24/7 efficient phone support services, we’d be happy to talk to you.



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