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Are you unable to open logs httpd CentOS?

by | Oct 25, 2021

Unable to open logs httpd CentOS while restarting Apache?

Our Support Techs have a quick fix for this issue. At Bobcares, coming up with elegant solutions for similar queries is a part of our Server Management Services.

Moving on, let’s read about how our skilled Support Engineers resolved the Unable to open logs error.

Whats is unable to open logs httpd CentOS?

Running into errors is an inevitable part of Server Management. Our Support Team is here to make this easier for you by coming up with solutions for any query you may have.

The Apache error: Unable to Open Logs is quite a common error faced by many when attempting an Apache restart. Moreover, it is found in the /var/log/httpd/error_log file. Let’s take a look at what our Support Techs have to say about resolving this specific issue.

How to resolve: unable to open logs httpd CentOS?

In order to resolve this error, our Support Engineers recommend running the following command:

echo $ulimi

If the command results in a blank or low value, we will run the following command:

ulimit -n 65536

ulimit is used to check, set and also limit the resource usage if the user. This command returns the number of open file descriptors for each process. Moreover, it is utilized to set restrictions on the number of resources accessible by a process. By setting the value to 65536, we will resolve the error and Apache will be able restart without any further issues.

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In short, the Support Team at Bobcares came up with an easy solution for the unable to open logs error. Restarting Apache will no longer be a problem.


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