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AWS error Route not stabilize in expected time: Quick fix

by | Nov 14, 2021

Is the AWS error “route not stabilize in expected time” wreaking havoc? You can finally relax. Our Support Engineers have a quick fix for this pesky issue.

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All About the AWS error: Route not stabilize in expected time

The “Route did not stabilize in expected time” is commonly seen when the stack fails during the creation of an AWS CloudFormation stack.

According to our skilled Support Engineers, you need to specify the target from any of the following for the assigned route to the route table in your Amazon VPC:

    • NAT Instance
    • Virtual private gateway or Internet gateway
    • NAT gateway
    • VPC peering connection
    • Egress-only Internet gateway
    • Network Interface

    When you set the property of the AWS::EC2::Route type to an incorrect value, you will wind up with the AWS error.

    For instance, you will come across this error if you set the value of NatGateWayId to the GatewayId property as seen below:

    MyRoute ": {
      "Type": "AWS::EC2::Route",
      "Properties": {
        "DestinationCidrBlock": "",
        "GatewayId": "nat-0a12bc456789de0fg",
        "RouteTableId": {
          "Ref": "MyRouteTable"

    How to fix AWS error “route not stabilize in expected time?

    Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this error. According to our Support Engineers, all you need to do is assign the correct value to the property. For instance:

    "NatGatewayId" : "nat-0a12bc456789de0fg"


    "GatewayId" : "igw-eaad4883"

    In fact, we resolved a similar issue for one of our customers recently.

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    To sum up, resolving this AWS error takes just a few minutes. Our Support Techs showed us how specifying the targets in the Amazon VPC can get rid of this error in a jiffy.


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