Best technical support – Top 3 qualities of a great support team

Customers remember positive support experiences, talk about it and promote your brand through word-of-mouth. Turning each customer interaction into a positive experience requires a team with truly exceptional skill set. 

Our US based Phone Support team provides 24/7 outsourced tech support for web hosts. This team constantly generates happy customer reviews, not just because of their technical expertise, but because of these 3 core qualities we include in support interactions:

1. Technical support, delivered in simple terms

There’s a big difference between understanding technology and making technology work for others. It takes a real expert to analyze the unique business needs of a customer, and give a solution in simple terms that’s devoid all tech jargon.

For eg. recently an iPhone user called our team about “missing mails” in his device. The tech recognized it as a common iPhone sync issue, but one that could affect his other devices as well. The tech the walked the customer through IMAP settings in all his devices to make sure the issue never recurs.

We’ve seen time an again that a tech who can explain the cause and solution of an issue in simple terms, immediately gains the customer’s trust, and that aids a quick, efficient resolution.

best technical support - Keep it simple stupid

While answering support calls, we follow the principle of KISS – Keep It Simple & Stupid

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2. Empathy and patience

Customers who are confused or angry often leave out critical information about the issue, that could easily extend the support call, and further frustrate the customer.

It takes a tech with patience and empathy to see a support call as a human interaction, and not just a technical challenge.

For eg. when we receive calls from angry customers, we hear them out in full, re-assure that we’ll be online until the issue is resolved, and do whatever is needed to make the customer feel he’s getting our undivided attention.

Once the customer calms down, we ask short, insightful questions that helps us quickly identify and resolve the issue.

Customers always remember how you made them feel. That’s why we always end our calls on a positive note, and measure our success in terms of positive feed backs we get.

Best technical support quality check

We have a team of dedicated quality analysts who listen to 100s of support calls every month, and through constant feedback help our techs maintain top-notch customer interaction skills.

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3. Friendliness and positive attitude

When things don’t work, it is natural for tempers to fray. With no information on why the service is down, customers often assume the worst, and think that their business is going to be severely hit.

A good support tech keeps their cool under pressure, and becomes a calming presence in the support interaction. A show of confidence, and use of positive language tells customers that the team is actually on top of the issue, and will get their issues resolved fast.

For eg., when a service is down, a response like “Yes, it is down. We are working on it.”, does not instill confidence in customers.

In contrast, a response like, “Hi Mike, Yes, the mail server had a small data corruption. It’s fixed now, and it’ll be online in 5 minutes. Thanks for your patience. I’m here if you need anything else.” will immediately restore customer’s faith in the services.

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A host of other factors like communication skills, time management skills, innovation, etc. play a role in forming the perfect support team.

However, in our experience the above three qualities will give you the most important factor of technical support – The Human Touch, and that’ll give you loyal customers, who’ll drive more and more business your way.


Focus on your business while we take care of your customers.

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