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Cloudy weather – time for umbrellas!

Cloud is probably the most significant advancement that affected the world of computing in a big way. Even though the theory was old, the resurgence of the idea has led to benefits such as consolidation of infrastructure, lower costs, greater security(arguable), ease of management, better efficiency/productivity, and much more. All these, and it is quite obvious that the concept will stand the test of time.

Cloud the real edge

Many small to medium size enterprises have started to deploy Cloud as a standard computing solution. However, most of them tend to look at the paradigm shift in just the infrastructure angle. In reality, Cloud could very well re-define business models and alter products/solutions in a big way!

Along with focuz on managing infrastructure with great ease, flexibility and efficiency, the scope of adopting Cloud should be ascertained in a much broader spectrum. All perceivable impacts on business and output, be it desirable or not, are to be looked at, while exploring the potential of Cloud Computing.

Redefining solutions and practices

The impact of cloud and related services are huge in provisioning of computing resources. The ability of rapid provisioning and dynamic allocation of resources, is often coined as a single word that explains it all – ‘Scalability’. The very idea of scalable solutions should usually have a very big impact on the business practices of a company.

Streamlining your strategies and processes to utilize the full potential of the new computing model, is the most important step in reaping benefits of the new model. The change you bring about in the strategies and processes, directly affect the environment under which your staff work, and thereby such a change would have a much larger impact than what is commonly perceived.

The benefits of Cloud are not limited to the product/solutions you provide, but even extends to efficiency of each of your staff. A framework for adopting the newer computing model is to be formed, which can be used as a template for measuring the maturity of the business at each stage.

Training and Automation

As in any IT technology, expertise is what drives one to guaranteed excellence. In the arena of Cloud, training in designing and deploying cloud instances is mandatory to achieve results. Even if you use Cloud infrastructure from a vendor, your staff should be well versed with the technology and its advancements, to give you the competitive edge.

In addition to training, adopting automation in feasible areas, help deliver the output consistently. Deployments and backups are typical areas that usually benefit from automation.

Analysis of usage effectiveness

Even when you speak of consolidation and pooling of resources, it’s effectiveness is something that has to be looked at critically. Efficiency measurement and analysis will make sure that there is continual improvement in the processes involved, along with fullest use of available resources.

Add more value to your IT assets by moving to cloud computing. Ensure that the real asset of your organization gains from each aspect of the new world of computing.



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