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Shop for a datacenter instead of building one

A mom might say
No time to bake a cake? No problem, I’ll go to a store and buy one.

Today a WebHost or a Business may say

No time to build a datacenter? No problem, we’ll go to HP and buy one.

And now it is even cheaper compared to the mammoth 40 foot Performance Optimized Datacenter(POD) HP released in 2008. This time, its 20 ft x 6 ft, and delivers the equivalent of 2,000ft2 (200m2) of data center space This can hold about 500U of rack capacity.

These PODs are containers that come with infrastructure, racks, cooling, power and everything that needs to be done to make it like a real brick and mortar data-center.

As always the highlight is power efficiency and speed of delivery. Systems such as these, say they can use up to 50% less power. And you get the datacenter shipped to you in 6 weeks. How is that for speed.

Ah, but yes there is a catch. The POD does not come with servers. You would need to add those, which HP would be more than happy to sell to you. And then, there is the cost.

Starting at $600K, they cost a pretty penny. But compared to a brick and mortar, I think it would be a good bargain.


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