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Proxmox change IP address in 3 simple steps

Proxmox change IP address in 3 simple steps

Over time and business growth, majority online businesses tend to require more server resources. Ensuring high uptime is also very critical. To accomplish this, Proxmox cluster with fail-over setup helps.

But setting up clusters, configuring fail-over, performing IP updates, etc. may require changing the IP address of the existing Proxmox server that was set initially.

There may also be times you need to switch your IP blocks to another set, which usually happens during data center changes or network updates.

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In all these scenarios, the Proxmox server IP address will have to be changed to another IP. Today we’ll discuss how to change main IP address in Proxmox.

Steps to change IP address of Proxmox server

You can change the Proxmox node IP address in three simple steps as given here:

1. Lookup the current IP address in Proxmox console

To change IP address in Proxmox, go to the management console of Proxmox VE. You can access the console at https://IPaddress:8006/

You’ll see the server IP in the summary section.


Proxmox server IP address

Proxmox server IP address


To change the IP, go to the ‘proxmox node’ and choose option ‘Network’ and edit the ‘vmbr0’ section.


Edit 'vmbr0' to change IP address of Proxmox

Edit ‘vmbr0’ to change IP address of Proxmox


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