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Digitalocean droplet static IP – How we add the second one?

Do you want to set up a second static IP for DigitalOcean Droplet? 

We can add the additional static IPv6 address.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests regarding Droplets as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s discuss how our Support Engineers add a static IP in Digitalocean Droplet.

Second static IP for a droplet

Only a single IPv4 address can be set for a Droplet. However, we can set multiple IPv6 addresses for a Droplet.

Thus, to set up another static IP address in Droplet we need to enable IPv6.

The droplet supports a maximum of 16 IPv6 addresses. The only problem faced is that all ISP does not support IPv6.

Thus, connecting to the server from the local machine might be a problem.

Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers add the static IP for a Droplet.


How to add another static IP for a Droplet

Recently one of the customers contacted us to add another IP address to his Droplet. For this, first, we need to enable IPv6 for the Droplet. Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers help him set it up.


Enable IPv6 During droplet creation

First we login to the control panel. Then we click on the Create button in the top right corner.

From the drop-down click Droplets.

Create a Droplet page appears. Now we fill in the details to create a Droplet.

Then in an Additional option, we check the IPv6 option.

digitalocean droplet static ip

Finally, we click on the Create button.

Thus, the droplet will be created and IPv6 address displays in the header.


Enable IPv6 on Existing droplet

To enable IPv6 for an existing droplet. We first shutdown the Droplet.

Then on the Droplet page, we click on the Droplet name.

In the left pane, click on Networking. In the public IPv6 network section we click on Enable.

Then we turn on the Droplet back.

We also need to configure the IPv6 network on the Droplet.

In CentOS, we edit the ifcfg-eth0 file. We add the following lines in the file.


Then we restart the network service using the command

systemctl restart network

Finally, we reboot the server using the command



Add new static IP for a Droplet

Once we enable the IPv6 for the Droplet. We first log in to the server. To add additional IPv6 address we use the command

ip -6 addr add new_ipv6_address/64 eth0

We verify the details using the command

ip -6 addr show eth0

Thus, a second IP is added for the Droplet.


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In short, we’ve discussed the possibility of adding another IP address to the Droplet. Also, we’ve discussed how our Support Engineers add static IP in DigitalOcean Droplet.


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