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DNN: Send emails with ease

by | Oct 10, 2021

Configure DNN send email like a professional. Our Support Team is here to help out with configuring the SMTP to ensure your outgoing mail works like clockwork.

Take advantage of the many features offered by DNN including the messaging features. Our Support Team is here to lend a hand to get on the right track. Read more to find out how to set up the email marketing in-built feature within DNN.

An introduction to DNN SMTP to send email

DNN is a web management system that offers several useful features. Its framework is based on the .NET Framework. It has a built-in feature that allows you to configure the website to send an email. In order to do this, we will learn how to configure the DNN SMTP settings today. The SMTP or the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server is responsible for outgoing emails.
In other words, DNN SMTP is essential for any messaging activity within DNN.

Configuring DNN SMTP to send email

  1. First, we will navigate to Host Settings via Host.
  2. Then, we will proceed to Advanced Setting
  3. After that, expand the SMTP Server Settings section as seen below.

    DNS send email: SMTP Server Settings

  4. In this section, enter the server’s SMTP address in the SMTP Server field. For instance:, where yourdomain needs to be replaced by your domain name.
  5. Next, go to the SMTP Authentication section and select Basic.
  6. In case you want your emails to be encrypted as well, we suggest enabling the SSL settings.
  7. After that, enter an SMTP username in the SMTP Username field. For instance [email protected]
  8. Enter a SMTP password in the SMPT Password field.
  9. Finally, click Update to save the changes you have made.

Our Support Engineers recommend ensuring that the email address in the Host \Basic Settings\Host section and the email in the SMTP server email address field are the same.

The changes we made earlier apply to all the sites within the DNN installation. We can test this easily by using the Test SMTP Settings button. In other words, this sends out a test email to the SuperUser account and also displays a message indicating the success or failure of the test.

[Need help with DNN SMTP? Give us a call.]


In brief, we learned how to configure the SMTP settings to enable DNN send email. The Support Engineers also gave us a tip on how to make sure our emails are encrypted, which comes in handy while sending confidential emails.


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