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Drush reset password Drupal 8 | An easy fix

by | Oct 24, 2021

Drush reset password Drupal 8 with ease with Bobcares by your side. 

If you have misplaced or forgotten your Drupal 8 administrator password, you can stop worrying. Our talented Support Team is here with two different ways to reset your password.

At Bobcares, we come across similar queries all day as a part of our Server Management Services.

Can we reset passwords in Drupal 8 through Drush?

If you are looking for a way to reset your Drupal 8 administrator password, you have come to the right place. Our Support Engineers offer not one, but two different ways to get it done:

  • Reset Drupal 8 password via DrupalConsole.
  • Recover Drupal 8 password via Drush.

Reset Drupal 8 password via DrupalConsole

This method involves recovering the administrator password by generating a login link.

  1. First, generate a login link by running the following command:
    drupal user:login:url
  2. Then, reset the password with the following command:
    drupal user:password:reset

If you want to clear previous failed login accounts, our Support Techs suggest running this command:

drupal user:login:clear:attempts

Reset Drupal 8 password via Drush

Our Support Team recently assisted on of our customers’ recover their Drupal 8 administrator password with the following steps:

  1. First, generate a one-time login link with the following command:
    drush uli
  2. Then, access the website’s file directory with the the following command:
    cd ~/public_html

    Remember to replace public_html with the website’s file directory.

  3. After that, run the following command to reset the administrator password:
    drush upwd admin --password=”newpassword”

    Remember to replace admin with the username and newpassword with the new admin password for your Drupal 8 login.

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To sum up, the Support Techs at Bobcares demonstrated how to reset Drupal 8’s administration password via the DrupalConsole or Drush.


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