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Go Jibin Go…

It all started one morning, when Noble Joshy, Executive team member, came to know about a little boy named Jibin (full name not disclosed for privacy).

Jibin, a 13 year old, class 9 student, in the school where Noble’s mom is Headmistress, was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome. He was admitted into a local hospital and his family needed help to meet the treatment expenses and take care of him. Noble informed the Bobcares’ social help group ‘MITR’ about this.

The question here was “Could Mitr help?”.

Reeshma Ajin Koshy, the inimitable power horse of Mitr started a two day charity drive for Jibin’s cause. Money, along with a lot of heartfelt prayers and wishes poured in and Reeshma visited Jibin’s family a couple of days later.

That evening, we got this mail from her.

Jibin’s body and face is all puffed up. He is unable to wear any clothes and is also unable to move his legs. Jibin is suffering from Nephrotic syndrome. The kidneys leak protein and he is being treated with steroids. Now he is also diagnosed with diabetes and severe infection.

As his body is not responding to normal medicines, very strong antibiotics, which costs around Rs.1000/- per day are required. He has to undergo MRI scans (6k per scan) and right now neurologists are also involved in his case, as limb weakness has also developed. The doctors have recommended an IVIG injection for the infection, which comes up to 12K per 5g, which is in fact, the reduced price offered by the pharma company.

His plight is further worsened by the poor economic condition of his parents. They can’t afford this expensive treatment. And this is where we can all put together our efforts to bring a little relief to this little boy.

When I handed over the cheque of whatever we collected until now from Bobcares, I could feel the wave of relief that they experienced. And when I told Jibin that we were all praying for him to get well soon, he smiled… even in his pains.

Dear Poornam, when this little boy’s fate calls out to us for help, let’s not be so cruel to close our eyes and turn our faces away from his sad plight.

Every little drop counts and we are among the others who could bring back hopes of life to young Jibin.

After this mail went out, there seemed to arise a drive in everyone to do something they could, to relieve Jibin’s pain. Over the next 10 days, Reeshma, Sheena, Shobha Chacko and many others from Mitr ran campaigns to raise awareness of the disease and what everyone’s contributions could do to help.

Later one day, we received this mail from Sheena.

Thanks to every one at Bobcares who contributed towards helping little Jibin. We were able to collect the money to cover the IVIG injections.

Reeshma and I went to visit Jibin at the hospital yesterday and handed over the cheque to his mother. We felt a wave of relief go through her, when we handed it over to her. The family has conveyed their gratitude to everyone at Poornam(Bobcares) for generously helping them.

The first course of injection was started yesterday. Though Jibin is indeed showing small signs of recovery, his condition is still bad and this little boy is indeed bearing a lot of pain.

We have all contributed to little Jibin in monetary means. Now, we all can remember him in our prayers. This is the least each and everyone could do for this young fellow being now.

So let’s all pray together:

“May the good Lord bestow his care upon Jibin and help him recover soon.”

That was on 17th April. On 2nd June 2009, we received more delightful news of Jibin’s recovery.

Dear all,

There is good news to deliver. Jibin, the little kid who was suffering from kidney problem and was in great pain, has recovered. His cousin had called in today to let us know that he is getting discharged today. His pain is relieved and kidney functioning has improved. However, he needs some more physiotherapy sessions to start walking as before. Thanks to each and everyone of you for contributing towards this cause in your own way.

Let’s feel happy that we were able to help a boy regain his life. Let’s thank the doctors who treated him and God almighty for curing him.

P.S: We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give 🙂

Finally, Jibin was able to victoriously end his fight with Nephrotic syndrome and go back home with his loving family. Though there are a lot more steps for his complete recovery, he is now stronger and with his family’s help and God’s will, let’s pray that he will see it through.

About The Author :

Sangeetha Naik is co-Founder and Director, Poornam (Bobcares). With 9 years of experience in the Web Hosting industry, she speaks in various conferences about how Web Hosts can cost effectively setup and run their Support Operations.

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  1. I am proud to be an ex poornamite…

  2. Good to hear this.. Especially, the name ‘MITR’ evokes an inexplicable feeling within… 🙂 Good Going….

  3. A great gesture, Poornam.

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