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Going beyond Customer Service

‘Customer is the king’ is the catch-line for successful companies. This article gives an insight on how to treat the ‘king’.

Words like Customers satisfaction and Customer delight are used quite often nowadays. A product has an expected level of performance. If it reaches that level of expectation, its satisfying the customer. If that’s good, there is something better. And that is to delight the customer by giving more that what they expect. The aim for any good company, must be to delight Customers.

Now lets extend our thoughts on how to Delight a customer. In simple terms, what factors delight a customer? There are two important factors.

One is product quality. If the product lacks expected quality, then customers can never be satisfied, leave alone delighted. A customer with a high quality product is the happiest. Ok, that was simple. What next?

Let’s take Credit cards for instance. It works on all outlets, payments can be made easily, the card has good brand value – a quality product. Customers are satisfied. Unfortunately, the card gets lost. The customer tries calling the bank and they say “Sorry, the person concerned is out, please call after 2 hours”. Time is noted, we call them again. Another person picks up the phone. He says, “Who? I have no idea”. Customer starts losing his temper

What is wrong here? The product quality is great. The lacking factor is Customer Service. When a quality product marries customer care, the customer is Delighted.

In this example, if a nice Customer Rep were to pick up the customer’s call and pacify him, besides doing the rest of the procedure to help him get through the lost situation, things would have been a lot different.

There are companies who made it big, by focusing on customers and delivering more than what they expect. Bobcares is such a software service company. Let us go deep and see what happens at Bobcares.

Bobcares Engineers main job is to solve Network and Server problems. These problems or issues, come in the form of Helpdesk tickets. We realized that ticket reply quality is the most important factor for customer satisfaction. We ensured that, by hiring good, skillful and competant engineers. Yet, we never forgot the other side – customer care. Ask any engineer at Bobcares how she solves a ticket and she would never forget to mention the customer.

For those who think its magic, let me tell you, its nothing but practically visualizing our customer. We keep a few tips in mind while working and apply them throughly.

We think from our customers angle while we do our job. We are our customer at that moment of work.

We know our customers.
Different customers prefer different ways of getting things done. We get the knowledge of what would satisfy a customer and give the customer that personal touch.

Sometimes there are tickets, where the whole issue lies in the understanding of the customer or understanding his language. We call it “understand and make the customer understand”. We take care not to misunderstand the customer. And we make sure our customers understand. This is mutually beneficial. The other way around is mutually destructive.

We present all available options to customers, that can make a big difference. Sometimes, people tend to provide just one option to customers thinking that its the best, though we have many in our minds. But who knows, let the customer have all available options and let him select is our policy.

Many a times, problems occur due to lack of proper communication. If we cannot communicate with our customer, we better walk away from doing business with him. We make sure that communication to our customers are proper, accurate, adequate and to the point.

Another important point that we ensure at Bobcares is that a customer should not be asked a question several times by different people. We have different departments and different people deal with the customer, but all of us are updated on time.

The conclusion is simple. Our work, clocks around our customer. Every engineer at Bobcares take special care to delight customers. Bobcares actualized customer care and its a part of our culture now. Articles by Noble Joshy

Bobcares is a server management company that helps businesses deliver uninterrupted and secure online services. Our engineers manage close to 51,500 servers that include virtualized servers, cloud infrastructure, physical server clusters, and more.

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