How support quality management builds customer loyalty?

How support quality management builds customer loyalty?

Getting a new customer is multiple times harder than retaining one. But customers would stay only if they receive top quality support service.

In web hosting support, slow responses and recurring issues often lead to customer attrition. That’s why quality management is crucial to build customer loyalty.

What is quality management and why is it important?

Quality management, in short, is about setting quality targets and achieving those. But its effectiveness depends on how it is implemented and practiced in an organization.

A quality assurance process can be done in a very involved or in a minimal manner. An efficient quality management system should follow a 360 degree approach.

A 360 degree quality management involves all the activities that are part of a business, ranging from hiring the staff to collecting customer feedback after service delivery.

Having an effective quality management system helps ensure that you are providing top-quality service to your customers, which is indispensable to retain them.

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What makes your customer happy?

If you want your customers to last, make them come first! The core of any quality management system should be the customer requirements.

In a service industry, quality of support provided to customers is mainly determined by these parameters:

1. Timeliness

There is nothing that delights a customer than prompt service. That makes it important to acknowledge and cater to a customer’s concern real fast.

In support industry, the response time and resolution time provided to the customers’ issues are crucial parameters to be monitored to ensure timeliness of service.

2. Accuracy

Mistakes can happen due to many reasons – be it an individual’s negligence or a software error. For instance, an accidentally executed ” rm -rf / ” command can destroy a customer’s server and end up being catastrophic to his business.

Accuracy should therefore be assured in each and every action performed for the customers and every interaction done with them.

3. No recurring issues

Nothing pisses off customers more than having to contact the support team over and over for the same issue. That’s why preventing recurrent support issues is vital to avoid customer loss.

For eg, a server restart can temporarily reduce its load, but the load can again peak in no time. Identifying the root cause – resource abuse, attacks, etc. – is important to fix the issue permanently.

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