Top 3 help desk performance metrics for web hosting companies

Top 3 help desk performance metrics for web hosting companies

Your customers wont love you for bad service, but your competitors will. That’s why its crucial to hire the best server management company that would help you assure excellent customer service.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we manage the support helpdesks 24/7, for our customers. And there isn’t a better way to assess the support quality, than the help desk performance metrics.

Help desk can give you a lot of information, and analyzing all of it may be a hectic task. Here we’ll see the top 3 metrics that can help you improve your customer experience.

1. Recurring issues

Issues that come to your help desk can be of many categories – pre-sales, billing related, web site errors, server reboots, software installations, abuse reports, and so on.

Recurrent support issues can indicate serious problems that can lead to customer loss. For instance, multiple IP blacklist issues can indicate a open server vulnerability.

Bobcares monitors recurrent issues as a help desk performance metric to improve our service delivery process in various ways, ranging from a simple ‘how-to’ to a server upgrade.


Reduction in server incidents since Bobcares took over

Reduction in number of server incidents since Bobcares started support


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2. First contact resolution

Your customers shouldn’t have to repeat their issues multiple times to get a proper resolution. This may lead to frustrated customers and business loss.

First contact resolution is a help desk performance metric that shows how well the support company is able to resolve the customer’s issue in the first follow-up itself.

Bobcares’ focus on increasing first contact resolution helps us delight our customers, as they don’t have to contact support more than once to fix their problem.


Increase in FCR% with Bobcares support

Increase in FCR% with Bobcares support

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3. Testimonials

Nothing reflects a support quality better than the happy customers it generates. That’s why the count of thanks replies you get for the support is an important performance metric.

Customer delight should never be taken for granted. A single mistake can end up being catastrophic to your business. Persistence in support quality is a must to maintain goodwill.

Getting a feedback as soon as a customer issue is resolved, helps us to know how well they perceive our service. It also helps us to focus on areas where there is a scope for progress.



Increase in positive feedback since Bobcares started support


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Here we have discussed only the top 3 help desk performance metrics that we focus on, to ensure a delightful customer support service.

There are more parameters we keep track of, such as the ticket volume, response and resolution time, innovations, etc. to provide value addition for our customers.



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