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Quality assured service is the pillar of web hosting business. Your service becomes popular when you ensure quality. Low price is another way to advance sales. But, if your service does not meet the required standards of quality, then the customer never uses it in future, even if you give it at the lowest price.

Innovations, business strategies and trends keep changing. One thing that remains constant is consumers’ need for satisfaction. It is very important to understand the current and future customer needs, meet customer requirements, and strive hard to exceed customer expectations at all times.

Continual improvement must be a permanent objective of the company. The fact everyone knows is that the customers are willing to pay more to receive better service. However ensuring quality within the business is a discipline that is overlooked by companies, most of the time. It is usually not until you discover a major problem, that could have been avoided through quality control that you recognize the importance of it.

Being an ISO certified organization, Bobcares ensures that each employee in the company contributes to the Quality Management System that is established and maintained in the organization. To ensure that conformity is met in all levels of the organization, periodic reviews are conducted.

Our customers are our major focus and eventually, they gain the benefits of the improvements that are made.

Bobcares has a Quality Management Team which comprises of Quality Analysts, who ensures that the quality of work that is delivered by our engineers is of the best quality. This team comprises of the senior engineers of the company who are rich in knowledge and experience regarding the various control panels and technologies in the industry. This team is headed by the Quality Manager.

The role of the Quality Manager is to ensure that the work done by each and every employee is being monitored according to the quality standards of the company. The Quality Management Team is given proper guidelines regarding the various factors that need to be monitored in a support engineer’s reply to a ticket.

An internal bug tracking software is used to track the tickets that are handled by an engineer in his/her shift. This is used to store the responses that are given to the customers from our end. These responses are then verified by the Quality Management team. There are color codes that are associated with each bug to ensure that the tickets are responded to and resolved in the specified time frame as per the SLA. This is how we ensure that our customers are always given timely responses to their tickets.

Every month, a random sample of the bugs are chosen for each employee by the Quality Management Team and they are verified. The Quality Analyst assesses the way that a particular ticket was handled by the employee. He/She ensures that the reply that is given to the customer follows the Bobcares standard format. The rating for a bug is done based on a number of factors, which ranges from checking the correctness of the solution provided by the support engineer to detecting a spelling or grammatical error in the reply. A perfect response is considered as a conforming product.

Bobcares ensures that each employee in the company contributes to the Quality Management System that is established and maintained in the organization.

The Quality Management team and the Team Leader together follows up on the non-conformities for a team and conducts training sessions for the employees, as required. Thus, Bobcares ensures continual improvement for the services that we offer. Our customers are our major focus and eventually, they gain the benefits of the improvements that are made.

Every month, the quality stats for the entire company is published. There are monthly and yearly quality charts, which helps to monitor the performance of an employee over a period of time. There are also scores that set to the teams based on their performance, which helps us to give recognition to the top performers. Thus, the quality benefits of choosing Bobcares, includes the following:

  • We conduct regular quality monitoring and ensure that the quality of service provided is the best. Our customers are assured 100% quality service.

  • Customers can save their valuable time, as the constant monitoring of the quality of the support engineers that work for them is done by our expert team.

  • The techs get motivated each day, as we provide incentives and recognition based on the monitoring reports. This would definitely reflect in their work too.

Quality and customer delight have long been recognized as crucial for the success and survival of business in today’s competitive market. Bobcares believes in providing an exceptional level of service to our customers. To support this commitment, we keep developing a number of initiatives that is clearly aimed at the continuous improvement of our services. With top quality service, we aim at creating delighted customers, who form the lifeblood of our business.

About The Author:

Reeshma Mary Mathews, Sr. Software Engineer is the Chief Coach at Bobcares. She joined Bobcares in 2002 and was Team Leader for about three years, before taking up the challenge of maintaining Quality in the services provided by Bobcares. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Quality Management System(QMS) in Poornam is in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

Quality Assurance
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