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IceWarp mail server configuration – The way we do it

Struggling with IceWarp mail server configuration?

The IceWarp mail server helps to enable and configure every mail function separately. It protects the mail by creating a record of incoming and outgoing emails.

At Bobcares, we often get customer requests to fix the IceWarp mail server configuration and its related errors as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll explain how our Support Engineers configure the IceWarp mail server.


What is IceWarp Mail Server?

IceWarp provides instant messaging, groupware functionality, and a web interface for administrators and users. It supports all popular email clients and services. The server will create a record of the incoming and outgoing email. Therefore, the record protects the email from accidental deletion. The IceWarp mail server configuration is an important part, and we can easily set up it in all the email clients.


Steps in IceWarp mail server configuration

Let’s now check on the steps involved in the IceWarp configuration.

We follow the below steps to create a new user or a domain in the IceWarp.

1. In the Administration Console, we select the Management from Domains & Accounts.

2.  We select the domain to add the account.

3. Then we select Accounts > Create new > User from the main menu.

4. After that, we create a username and password. And there will be default administrator aliases that are already created for each domain.

5. Then we move to the options tab and select an option from the Permissions drop-down menu.

Icewarp mail server configuration

There are three types of user account Permissions: Administrator, Domain Administrator, and Standard.

  • Administrator accounts- In this, account holders have access to modify all server settings for all domains within the IceWarp Server.  Also, the account holders can create, modify and delete the domains and accounts.
  • Domain Administrator accounts – In this, they can only modify server settings of a single domain. A domain administrator of one domain can also set as a domain administrator of another domain.
  • Standard – Only have access to their own accounts. Also, they can only modify the settings of their own accounts.

6. After that, we click the Save button.


Email Client Setup

Further, we follow the below details to set up the email client. Our Support Engineers used the same guidelines to set up in email clients such as MS Outlook, Pegasus, Thunderbird etc.

  • Outgoing server –  We enter our IceWarp server hostname.
  • Incoming server – We enter our IceWarp server hostname.
  • User Name –  Enter the username of the IceWarp account.
  • Server Type – We select the option POP3 or IMAP. POP3 will download messages to your client for reading whereas IMAP requires a direct connection to the server.
  • SMTP Authentication – It is enabled by default. In addition, If the option POP before SMTP is unchecked, it will authenticate with the username and password.

That completes the IceWarp mail server configuration very quickly.

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In short, IceWarp is a powerful email server and helps to gain control over email messages and user accounts. Here, we saw how our Support Engineers create an account and set up the email client for our customers.


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