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Import MDBOX emails from backup | Resolved

by | Nov 12, 2021

Import MDBOX emails from backup without any further trouble with a little assistance from Bobcares. 

At Bobcares, our Support Team is here with solutions for every query that comes our way as a part of our efficient Server Management Service.

Let’s take a look at how our skilled Support engineers recommend importing MDBOX emails from a cPanel generated backup.

How to import MDBOX emails from backup

Our Support Engineers are here with a guide to help you import email messages into an existing email account from a cPanel generated backup. Moreover, this comes in handy if the current email account has newer messages that need to be retained.

First, we will copy the email account back up to the local server.
For incremental or uncompressed backups, we will copy the username/homedir/mail/ directory to ~username/mail.bak/ on the local server.

However, if we are using compressed backups, we will extract the tarball. Then, we will copy username/homedir/mail/ to ~username/mail.bak/ on the local server.

After that, we will import the email from the backup directory for each email account as seen below:

doveadm import -u [email protected] mdbox:/home/username/mail.bak/domain.tld/user/ INBOX ALL

Additionally, our Support Engineers recommend ensuring that the path and the email account are up to date. Furthermore, they should match the account being restored currently.

We will repeat this process for all the accounts that need their mail imported.

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In brief, we learned how to import email messages from a backup under the guidance of the helpful Support Team at Bobcares.


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