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Interworx vs cPanel – Choose the best one

by | Apr 2, 2021

Interworx vs cPanel is a trending topic to discuss and decide which Control Panel is better to use.

As part of our Server Migration Services, we help customers in choosing the right control panel.

Today, in this article, let us compare the main features of both InterWorx/SiteWorx vs cPanel/WHM.


InterWorx – A quick Analysis

InterWorx provides a well-defined and nicely laid out overview of the server upon logging in.

Also, it comprises two main sections: NodeWorx (similar to WHM) and SiteWorx (the analog of cPanel).

NodeWorx is a system administrator interface using which we can configure, manage and monitor the server. From the NodeWorx admin, we can securely manage multiple SiteWorx accounts. Here are the main features of NodeWorx:

  • Create multiple accounts with specific permissions
  • Full template customization
  • Ability to create unlimited SiteWorx accounts with certain limits
  • Create Reseller accounts with specific limits/packages
  • Manage all system services like Apache, MySQL, FTP, Email, SSH, etc.
  • Provide multiple PHP versions
  • Error log/system and service status reporting

SiteWorx is a separate control management account and website owner interface. It mainly provides access to the tools for managing websites, email, and databases. Here are the main features of SiteWorx:

  • We can create multiple accounts with specific permissions
  • Add additional (addon) domains with different PHP versions
  • Manage MariaDB along with PhpMyAdmin
  • Email accounts creation with Webmail access
  • File Manager access
  • Check account’s statistic


cPanel – A quick Analysis

cPanel is used for managing separate hosting accounts on the server. Also, it provides a powerful set of automation tools in an easy and straightforward interface. This control panel is similar to SiteWorx and allows you to manage almost the same functions. So, if you are familiar with cPanel, there should be no difficulties for you in using SiteWorx and vice versa. Below, is a screenshot of the cPanel interface.

interworx vs cpanel

Here are the main features of cPanel:

  • File Manager access
  • Email accounts creation with Webmail access
  • Multiple FTP accounts
  • Backup interface to download a zipped copy of your cPanel account’s contents
  • Web Disk to access the website’s files


Analysis of InterWorx vs cPanel

Administrator accounts
With InterWorx, we can create multiple administrator accounts and provide them with the desired permissions. Moreover, this is useful if clients need to manage email only. Whereas cPanel has only one administrative account, and we can’t create any more additional accounts in it.
Thus, InterWorx would be the winner.

Services Offered
Both cPanel and InterWorx offer major services like email, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and PHP. However, cPanel is superior for its support for NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, server-side Java, git version control, and DNSSEC.
Thus, cPanel would be the winner.

Overall Cost
InterWorx is the least expensive to license and doesn’t have complicated licensing options like the other control panels. But cPanel is expensive due to its account-based pricing model. Whereas InterWorx lets you host multiple accounts on the server without increasing the license cost as it is licensed per server.
Thus, InterWorx would be the winner.


[Still, confused on choosing the right panel? We are here to help you.]



In short, many factors depends to choose the right panel like InterWorx and cPanel. This write-up on InterWorx and cPanel gives an idea of how to choose the best control panel for customers.


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