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ISPmanger from ISP Systems: just another Control Panel?

Why should I chose ISPmanger instead of any another control panel? In the end, it is all a matter of your preference, on how much you want to spend for your requirement and what you get from it.

ISPmanager is a web based control panel where you can easily configure your Servers. It works on FreeBSD, Linux, Windows(only the lite version of ISPmanager) Servers, with up coming support for Solaris. It has all the required features for a control panel to manage a domain and a server.

It isn’t that heavy with Graphics but you will find everything really fast and easy. The main reason why is it so fast is that it uses less resources compared to the other control panels. Only 10 MB of RAM and just 40MB of disk space are required. The only other Control panel that comes close in resource usage is Webmin, which uses close to 11MB of RAM. But Webmin isn’t as user friendly as ISPManager.

ISPManager has different versions that meet different requirements. e.g. a server owner who hosts just sites and does not require reseller hosting will be fine with the Lite version of ISPmanager. Larger Customers are better with the Pro and Cluster version, with options for Resellers and Clustering. A lifetime license is available for all versions of ISPmanager and is mostly cheaper than other Control panels options. You just easily connect to the control panel over “http://domainname/manager/” and also a great feature is that you can create more than one Superuser/Administrator for the whole system.

It Comes in 3 Versions: Lite, Pro and Cluster. The Lite Version is good for Single Owner Server. It just has some basic features. ISPmanager Pro Comes with a lot more features like: Reseller options, Trouble ticket system, setting user based limits, Slave Servers(Manage multiple Servers over just on Controlpanel), Access Limits and many other features.ISPmanager Cluster has Services distributed among several machines. So if one Service fails it does not affect the whole system. In Case of a failure you just have to repair or replace the damaged Server with another one.

Choosing this control panel totally depends on what you want to offer and what your end users prefer.

About the Author:

Markus joined Poornam in April 2010. He’s handles German technical phone
support at Bobcares’ Germany operations. He always has an open ear for the Problems of his Customers and also his Co-Wokers. He likes to eat (but doesn’t look like it!). He also loves Anime, Movies, his Car and very Loud music.

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