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Joomla 404 category not found: Resolved

by | Oct 7, 2021

Dealing with Joomla 404 category not found? Take a few minutes to read this easy solution offered by the skilled Support Team at Bobcares.

You can finally stop worrying about the “Category not Found” 404 error while using Joomla. In fact, we have helped many customers resolve this issue as a part of our Server Management Services.

Resolving Joomla 404 error: Category not found

The 404 error on Joomla often arises as a result of a non-existing page. Broken links can lower your website reputation. Our Support Engineers recommend resolving the error as soon as it arises to prevent your website visitors from getting frustrated.

One of the reasons why the 404 error “Category not Found” pops up is due to the SEF URL settings. It leads to creating URLs that cannot be found. One way out would be to use the mod_rewrite module to rewrite URLs in SEF.

How do I fix Joomla 404 error?
One way out of the 404 error would be to use the mod_rewrite module to rewrite URLs in SEF. The mod_rewrite is used to rename files in Joomla’s root directory.

  1. First, locate the htaccess.txt file inside the directory where Joomla is installed.
  2. Rename this file to .htaccess and restart Apache
  3. As soon as Apache restarts, the .htaccess will come into effect.
  4. Then, navigate to Global Configuration for any back-end page.
  5. Next, navigate to SEO Settings and choose the Yes radio button under the Use Apache mod-rewrite section.

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Today we what to do when we come across the dreaded 404 error while using Joomla. The experts at Bobcares introduced us to an easy solution to the problem resulting in a seamless experience for the website visitors.


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