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Joomla Autosave Extension

by | Oct 18, 2021

Wondering how to enable Joomla Autosave Extension? We can help you.

Here at Bobcares, we get requests from our clients to handle similar issues as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, in this article we will steps followed by our Support Engineers to enable extension.

How to enable Joomla Autosave Extension?

Today, let us see the functionalities used by our Support Techs to enable it.

  • Install Joomla Autosave
  • Set-up Joomla Autosave
  • Using Your Editor with Autosave
  • Other Ways to Autosave

Install Joomla Autosave

1. Firstly, visit the downloads page for the CrOsborne xbAutosave extension and download the latest version.
2. Then, save the ZIP file to your computer and leave it compressed.
3. In your Joomla 4 Home Dashboard, click on System.
4. Under Install, click on Extensions.
5. Then, be sure you are in the Upload Package File tab.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions to upload the file by drag and drop, or browse for the file that you downloaded above.
7. Finaly, you should see an installation successful message, along with some details on the plugin.

Set-up Joomla Autosave

As soon as you install the extension, you’ll see a link to the extension documentation page, along with a prompt to go enable the extension and adjust options.

If you decide to do this later, all you need to do is visit Plugins under Manage on your System page.

1. Firstly, find the entry for xbAutoSave. Use the search box to narrow down the entries if needed.
2. Then, click the grayed-out X by the plugin. It should turn to a green checkmark, alongside a message that the plugin has been enabled.
3. Finally, click on the xbAutoSave listed on the page to see and adjust the extension’s configuration options.

Using Your Editor with Autosave

Typically, when using the Joomla Autosave extension is that autosave will not work on a new article until the article has been saved at least once normally.

By clicking the green Save or Save & Close button at the top of the article.

This is just to prevent an article from getting saved before the title, alias, and other formatting details have been chosen.

Other Ways to Autosave

The autosave extension is not the only way to add autosave functionality to your Joomla page.

The popular Joomla Content Editor, or JCE Extension also has a built-in autosave feature.

And the main difference between JCE’s autosave and the Autosave extension is that the JCE saves content to the browser, while the autosave extension directly writes to the Joomla database.

Saving to the database protects your data in a wider variety of situations, but also requires you to follow the configuration steps above to keep the extension functioning correctly.

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Today, we saw how our Support Techs resolved enable Joomla Autosave Extension.


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