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Link Webalizer stats with ease

by | Oct 12, 2021

Link Webalizer stats with the help of the best in the business. The Support Engineers at Bobcares have a solution for any problem, any time, any day.

Recently one of our customers wanted to link their Webalizer stats without having to log in to cPanel. That is when our talented Support Team whipped up this solution. Read to find out how they managed to accomplish it.

How to link Webalizer stats to avoid cPanel login

The Webalizer is a popularly used web server administration tool to generate web pages of detailed analysis from usage and access logs.

In other words, it produces hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly statistics. The Monthly reports offer different statistics about overall usage, usage by visiting sites, usage by the hour and day, user agents, page and visit totals, referrers, entry and exit page totals, search string analysis, and so on.

Tips to link Webalizer stats

Here is an easy way via our skilled Support Team to link your Webalizer stats to avoid cPanel login:

  1. Run the following commands as the user:
    mkdir -p /home/cpuser/public_html/webalizer 
    cd /home/cpuser/public_html/webalizer 
    ln -s /home/cpuser/tmp/webalizer ./stats
  2. Next, log in to cPanel as user and password protect /home/cpuser/public_html/webalizer via Directory Privacy. Note that the user home is /home/cpuser and cPanel account user is cpuser in this instance.

After that, go to where your main domain is Then log in with the user and password when prompted. Next, go to the stats folder.

In case it is disabled, you can add the following to the /home/cpuser/public_html/.htaccess file:

Options +FollowSymLinks

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To sum up, we learned all about linking Webalizer stats so that a cPanel login is not required. The Support Team at Bobcares came up with an elegant solution for this dilemma.


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