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Modprobe vboxguest failed in Ubuntu – A quick solution

by | Feb 2, 2021

Stuck with the error, Modprobe vboxguest failed in ubuntu? We can help you

Some of our customers came across the error, ‘modprobe vboxguest failed’ when they tried to install the virtual box in Ubuntu.

As a part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several such errors.

Today, let’s see what causes the error to occur and how our Support Engineers fix it.


What is VirtualBox Guest?

Also known as vboxguest, it helps to enhance the overall performance and usability of the guest system.

Installing the vboxguest in an operating system like Ubuntu provides an integration between the host and guest operating system.


How to fix Modprobe vboxguest failed?

Recently, while checking the Modprobe vboxguest failed error a customer got while installing the virtual box in Ubuntu, our Support Engineers could solve it by installing the kernel headers.

Modprobe vboxguest failed ubuntu

In order to fix the error, our Support Techs suggest following the below steps:

Initially, we install the kernel headers.

yum install dkms binutils gcc make patch libgomp glibc-headers glibc-devel kernel-headers 

Then we install the kernel-devel package.

yum install kernel-devel

Otherwise, we use the below command to install the kernel-devel package.

yum install kernel-PAE-devel

After installing the package we run the vboxguest, which is the VirtualBox guest.

In most cases, reinstalling the DKMS module fixes the error. However, sometimes the Ubuntu update may not auto-delete old Linux images and results in the modprobe failure.

This result because Ubuntu did not delete the old kernel automatically. So we manually delete the kernel and redo DKMS reinstall.

[Need help with Modprobe vboxguest error? – We’ll help you]



In short, the modprobe vboxguest error occurs when we are installing the virtual box in Ubuntu. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers fix the error for our customers.


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