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OpenVAS OMP service is down: How to fix

by | Nov 3, 2021

Is OpenVAS OMP service is down error troubling you?

At Bobcares, we find solutions to every query that comes our way as a part of our Server Management Service.

Read on to find out how our skilled Support Team resolved the OpenVAS service error for one of our customers recently.

What is OpenVAS OMP service?

OpenVas is a feature-packed vulnerability scanner. Moreover, OpenVAS also goes by the name, Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner.  It offers various features like authenticated and unauthenticated testing, different low-level and high-level industrial and Internet protocols, performance tuning for large-scale scans, effective internal programming language to execute different vulnerability tests.

In fact, OpenVAS is a popular choice for detecting vulnerabilities. The scanner gets tests for detecting vulnerabilities via a feed that has daily updates as well as a long history.

OMP, also known as OpenVAS Management Protocol, refers to the management protocol of OpenVAS.

What to do if OpenVAS OMP service is down?

If you have been running into the “OpenVAS error: Login failed. OMP service is down” error, you have come to the right place. Our Support Techs have come up with an easy solution to resolve this issue.

  1. First, restart the OpenVAS service via the command line.
  2. Then run the following command:
    #openvasmd stop
  3. After that, execute this command:
    # openvasmd start

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To sum up, we learned how to resolve the issue when faced with an OpenVAS OMP service is down error under the guidance of the skilled Support Engineers at Bobcares.


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