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Plesk MSSQL remote connection – The way we enable and fix it

by | Feb 9, 2021

Are you looking for steps to enable MSSQL Database remote connection in Plesk? Take a peek at this blog.

Usually, the firewall blocks all external remote connections due to security reasons. So many of our customers approach us to enable remote access. We do it manually by adding the remote IP address or subnet to the allowed list.

By default, this MSSQL remote connection is disabled.

Here at Bobcares, we have seen several such Plesk-related queries as part of our Server Management Services for web hosts and online service providers.

Today we’ll see how to enable MSSQL remote connection and fix errors.


How to enable MSSQL Database remote connection in Plesk

Now let’s take a look at how our Support Engineers enable MSSQL remote connection.

In Windows Plesk, there is an option to allow remote connections.

Here is an example,

1. For that, we log into the Plesk control panel then we create the database that we need to access remotely.

2. Then, we click on the Databases tab from the left-side menu and click Add Database.

3. We enter a Database name and select the Database Server type “MSSQL”.

4. On a Related site, we select a domain name from the drop-down list. Also, we ensure that Create a database user is selected.

5.  After that, we enter a Database user name and password.

6. Next, we choose to Allow remote connections from the option for Remote access and enter the IP addresses or subnets that need remote Database access,

7. At last, we click OK.


How we fix common MSSQL errors

We’ve seen many customers face problems while managing MSSQL.

Now let’s see the major reasons for MSSQL errors and how our Support Engineers fix the top errors.

Problems with remote network connections settings

Recently, one of our customers had a problem while connecting to SQL remotely. When he tried to connect SQL remotely to the Plesk database he couldn’t connect.

On checking, our Support Engineers found that the remote network connections were disabled for the IP address. Therefore, we enabled the remote network connections for the corresponding IP address through the SQL server configuration manager.

[Need assistance to fix MSSQL errors? We’ll help you.]



In short, the MSSQL remote connection is disabled in Plesk servers by default. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers enable it and fix MSSQL related errors.


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