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Rebuild RPM Database in Cpanel

by | Nov 20, 2021

We need to rebuild RPM Database in Cpanel because a crashed RPM database can cause a myriad of issues.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several cPanel queries.

Today, let us see how we can fix this issue.


Rebuild RPM Database in Cpanel

Suppose there is a crash event on an RPM or YUM transaction that was updating the RPM database. Then it will write incomplete or inconsistent data to the rpmdd, causing corruption.

Crash can occur due to a variety of reasons, likely, killing the process prematurely, resource, or disk issues.

This can cause several issues related to package-management. Unless the RPM database is in a functional state, software such as EasyApache4 and YUM will not work.

Hence, one task of cPanel & WHM’s during update sessions is to perform a check of the database. It also attempts to repair it, if necessary.

However, there can be occurrences where we may need to run this process manually.

Generally, there are two ways to perform this check, one via the interface and the other via the command line.

Moving ahead, let us see how our Support Techs perform them.

  • Interface

WHM has a ‘Rebuild RPM Database’ interface. We can use it to rebuild if it becomes corrupt.

We need to go to, WHM >> Home >> Software >> Rebuild RPM Database

Then we click ‘Proceed’ to start the process.

  • Command-line

Initially, we log in as root, and then from the command line, we execute the following script:


scripts/find_and_fix_rpm_issues [–findonly] [–rebuildonly] [–help]

With this script, we can detect problems with the rpm database. In addition, it will rebuild the database if it detects any problem.

If the RPM works properly, or if we succeed in fixing the issue after rebuilding its database it exists 0.

On the other hand, this script can detect duplicate cPanel RPMs, remove them, and then re-installs them if necessary.

Here, –findonly detects and report problems without making any changes.

Then, –rebuildonly can unconditionally rebuild the RPM database.

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In short, we saw how our Support Techs fix this error for our customers.


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