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6 ways to spot the best server administration services

6 ways to spot the best server administration services

In web hosting business, server uptime and speed are the crucial aspects that determine the success of a provider. Signing up for a server administration service usually happens simultaneous to starting a hosting business.

But if your server management company fails to secure or manage your servers properly, it can end up spoiling your reputation. Reviewing the tasks that are covered in server administration is, therefore, crucial before you signup with a company.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we deliver efficient server administration services to our customers. Today we’ll see the 6 key features of our services that help us ensure high quality servers.

1. Server setup

Initial server setup includes tasks such as OS and control panel install, configuring server software such as web, mail, etc. and 3rd party application software required for various customers.

While some server management companies simply run through automated scripts to install all servers, it may not be the optimal installation for all types of servers. A server that is required for application hosting would vary from one that is used for web hosting.

Loading a server with too many unwanted applications lead to wastage of server resources and inefficient disk space utilization. Also, different services require custom tweaking based on their customer base and server resources such as memory, for best performance.

At Bobcares, our expertise handling different hosting providers that range from shared server owners to cloud providers, helps us to configure servers with the ideal utilization of resources and high performance for services.

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2. Server security

Securing the servers from attacks and vulnerabilities is an indispensable task in server administration services. Anything from an outdated kernel to an insecure 3rd party software, can be exploited by abusers, leading to server hacks.

As a part of our security measures, we secure each service and application in the server, by keeping them updated and applying security patches. To wade off server attacks, we configure custom firewall rules to protect them.

Our 24/7 security expert team keeps track of all the security news relevant to the industry and initiate actions promptly to ensure that all our customers’ servers are patched and updated with the security fixes.

3. Server monitoring

Many server problems occur due to service failures, load surge and system crashes, and most of them can be avoided by implementing effective monitoring systems. If not timely detected, these issues are sufficient to ruin your business.

An efficient server monitoring system should consist of prompt detection of server incidents and in-depth debugging to avoid the issue from happening again.

Bobcares’ server specialists team keeps a close eye on your servers and proactively manage them. From critical services such as web, mail, etc. to major parameters like disk usage, mail queue or server load, everything is monitored by us.

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4. Server backups

Some disasters cannot be predicted or prevented, and can badly affect server functioning. Backups are indispensable to ensure business continuity, and to sustain in business when something goes wrong.

But maintaining complete and updated backups of servers is not an easy task and involves proper planning, monitoring, testing and restoring activities.

For the servers we manage, our expert technicians perform routine backups, conduct integrity checks and keep them secure inorder to render them useful in case of a server calamity.

5. Server connectivity

The network outside servers have as importance as the services inside them. Even if all the services are running fine, if the network is down, server would be inaccessible.

In server administration services, securing the network and ensuring proper connectivity to the servers is a vital task to be performed, in order to provide a seamless web service to the users.

24/7 network monitoring, IP routing, ensuring adequate server bandwidth, protecting network from attacks using firewalls, etc. are some of the major tasks we perform to ensure that servers are accessible to valid users without any hiccups.

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6. Server management

Server management tasks range from resolving service related issues to regular maintenance and update activities or even more critical server migration tasks.

A web hosting server can consist of multiple services such as Apache, DNS, Mail, FTP and so on. For overall server performance, each of these services have to be fine-tuned, secure and monitored.

The dedicated server specialists at Bobcares diagnose and fix all server issues in no time, and continuously tweak and monitor the services to offer proactive server administration services that creates happy customers and guarantees business growth.

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