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3 mistakes to avoid in server performance monitoring

3 mistakes to avoid in server performance monitoring

A fast server with high uptime – that’s the dream of every web host! But in real-world scenarios, nightmares do happen in the form of an unexpected server crash or a DOS attack to the web server.

To diagnose and resolve server incidents in no time, it is vital to have a server performance monitoring system in place. With an efficient monitoring service, you can prevent server attacks or outages that can be detrimental to your business.

However, server owners often tend to overlook the need for a meticulous monitoring system, which can fail the purpose it is supposed to serve. So, let’s have a look at 3 important mistakes you ought to avoid in a server performance monitoring service.

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1. Inadequate monitoring

When you configure a server monitoring system, you need to know which all services have to be monitored. Some monitoring systems check only the ping results, which can show fine even if the server load is too high and unable to serve any websites.

Bobcares’ expert server technicians configure custom alerts for each server, based on the importance of the services running in it. We monitor all critical services such as SSH, Web, DNS, MySQL, Mail, etc. in addition to parameters such as server load and disk usage.

Frequency of monitoring is another matter of concern. The service checks shouldn’t be too frequent that it causes overhead to the server, or not too far-flung, that by the time you check the server, it is already down.

We have a 24/7 expert team to monitor our customers’ servers, and we set the frequency of each server check based on the type of service and its relevance, without overloading the server.

Finally, the mode of alert is also vital. If the alerts come only in the mails, there are chances for them to get missed. For critical alerts, it is advisable to set the alert notifications in at least two different channels, to enable a quick action.

At Bobcares, we have an alternate internal tracking system too, which enables us to not miss out any server events. We also configure notifications in other additional channels such as mobile or group chats, for highly critical incidents.

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2. Transient cures

Server engineers are like doctors. A doctor who keeps on prescribing pain killers to a patient who has recurrent head aches, without finding out the reason for that, would end up putting the patient in distress.

Likewise, any server incident that is treated with just a temporary fix without investigating and detecting the actual root cause for the issue, may end up devastating the server.

For instance, a high mail queue alert can actually denote a spamming going on in the server, which may go undetected if the technician simply clears the mail queue. It can even lead to loss of valid emails.

In our expert server monitoring services, our skilful technicians examine the servers with their magnifying glasses, so as not to miss out any hidden maladies and to fix all issues from their core, to avoid a recurrence.

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3. False positives

The major drawback in an automated monitoring tool is the possibility of getting many false positives. For instance, a temporary glitch during ping check can send an alert that it is down in one moment, followed by an ‘up’ alert the next moment.

Blindly relying on the monitoring alerts is not advisable for that reason. The authenticity of a server down alert should be verified to avoid unnecessary actions. Also, too many false alerts pose a more serious issue, as the valid alerts can go missing in the pool of all alerts.

At Bobcares, our server performance monitoring team cross checks the server as soon as they get an alert and validates it, before taking an action. If too many false positives are noted, we tweak the monitoring system further to curb them.

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