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Top 5 benefits you reap from an expert server support company

Do you get woken up in the midst of the night to handle a server issue? Do you find yourself trying to pacify angry customers every now and then?

Then, it is time for you to consider hiring a good server support company. Servers form the foundation of any online business, so you need to ensure that they are in safe hands.

See how our server support team can assist you!

Here we’ll see the top 5 benefits you’d gain by choosing a top-notch server support company for your server management services.

1. 24/7 server monitoring

An attack can happen any time of the day. A service can go down at odd hours. An attack or service failure can lead to data loss, downtime and can even affect your business credibility.

Timely detection and intervention is crucial to avoid such catastrophes, which is why 24/7 server monitoring by an ace server support company is indispensable for your servers.

At Bobcares, we have a 24/7 team of engineers who monitor the critical services in our customers’ servers, with the help of customised monitoring tools that detect even the slightest of discrepancies.

Our in-depth debugging method enables us to resolve the issues in such a way that they do not recur. Using remote management portals, we handle even a server down without waking up our customers at odd hours.

2. Optimal server setup

You may be a shared hosting provider or running a high-traffic video streaming website. To get the best out of your server infrastructure, it should be optimized for your business requirements.

Server specifications, resource allocation, choice of web server, the level of fine-tuning, everything should be best suited for the purpose for which the server is used.

It may not be an easy task for server owners, especially if they are new into that industry. That’s when an expert server support company assistance would help.

With our experience handling different kinds of server infrastructure and technologies over 2 decades, Bobcares has been able to promptly assist server owners with the best server setup for their business.

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3. Fool-proof server security

Even a single software vulnerability can be exploited by a hacker to gain access to your server. And there isn’t a worse nightmare for a server owner, than getting hacked.

In many instances where server gets root compromised, you may even end up restoring the entire server afresh. That’s why it is very vital to prevent a hack or exploit.

From an outdated kernel to a zero-day vulnerability, anything can mess up with your server, if it is not secured well. Keeping abreast with the latest security exploits, is also critical.

Bobcares has a 24/7 security expert team to track all the security news relevant to the industry. They then initiate prompt actions to audit, patch and update our customers’ servers to protect them.

4. Improved server performance

Over time and traffic, the server performance may degrade. The initial server settings may not be sufficient to handle the peak traffic or increase in customer base.

Ongoing performance monitoring and adjusting the server parameters and resources, are indispensable to ensure a smooth and efficient server functioning.

An experienced server support company would be able to foresee the impending performance degradation in your servers and take preventive actions to avoid a slowness.

We configure custom performance trackers in servers to monitor the resource utilisation and review these reports to fine-tune the services in an ongoing manner to ensure its seamless functioning.

5. 99.99% service uptime

99.99% uptime means a total of not more than 54.84 minutes of downtime in a year. This is not an ‘easy to accomplish’ parameter, as even a single hard disk failure can adversely affect this.

Network issues, high load, corrupt drives, heavy traffic, DOS attacks, all these can reduce the service uptime. A 360 degree attention has to be given to the server to ensure this uptime.

Bobcares’s server support services includes a comprehensive management system that includes everything from choosing the right server infrastructure, to monitoring critical services.

We have knowledgeable and expert engineers who proactively detect server issues via audits and resolve them promptly, thus preventing a downtime from happening.

To add on..

A server is like a baby that needs constant nurturing and monitoring. From server setup to security updates, each and every task is important. You need to ensure that your baby is in safe and expert hands always and that’s what the best server support company can do for you.



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