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3 key tasks involved in ensuring world class SolusVM tech support

3 key tasks involved in ensuring world class SolusVM tech support

SolusVM is a commonly used VPS management system by web hosting providers who are into VPS hosting services. It has support for OpenVZ, KVM and Xen virtualization.

As the underlying technology can vary, choosing and configuring the right solution for your servers is a cumbersome task. With our expert SolusVM tech support services, we’ll take care of all these tasks for you.

In our SolusVM tech support services, we handle everything for your servers, from setup and initial configuration to trouble-shooting the issues and handling the customers.

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Here, we’ll give you a sneak-peak into the major 3 tasks involved in our SolusVM tech support services.

1. SolusVM setup and hardening

We help customers choose the best server design for their SolusVM infrastructure, install the software and configure the master and slave nodes. Depending on the technology, the initial setup would vary.

Additional software such as hosting control panel and other 3rd party applications are also installed and configured by our support team, for our customers.

After the initial setup is done and tested, we secure these nodes with firewalls and other security tweaks.

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2. SolusVM Management

Our SolusVM tech support services include managing the SolusVM nodes based on their usage and need. Periodic upgrades and security patches are also crucial to ensure server stability on the go.

Adding more nodes, managing the templates, other tasks such as creation, restarts, backups and restorations of these nodes are also part of our 24/7 SolusVM management services.

Data migrations, managing the customer helpdesk, trouble-shooting the service related issues, all these form part of our efficient SolusVM tech support services.

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3. SolusVM node monitoring

Monitoring the nodes in the SolusVM infrastructure is a key task we perform on a 24/7 basis. From disk usage to service uptime on each node, we monitor everything closely and maintain the nodes stable.

When a node is about to reach its capacity, we initiate migration and addition of nodes to the setup. Monitoring and testing the backups for adequacy and success, helps us to avoid a server catastrophe.

Uptime is the most crucial aspect of any business. When it comes to a virtualization setup, a single hardware node downtime can have a huge impact, which we avoid with our pro-active monitoring measures.

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