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Success: The most coveted word in webhosting business

Every day, many new hosting companies or server administration companies join the race. Some of these succeed, but many fall by the wayside.

Others will be able to take-off to a great start, given their ample resources and capital, but will falter along the way. Some ventures may be on a shaky ground at the onset, but with perseverance and careful planning will prevail in the end.

Here we will discuss on how to help your business achieve success:

Start small:

When you start off with a business, it is always best to start with limited resources, that involves less investment. You are at the starting stage.

Your main concentration is to increase income and reduce expenditure. Hence concentrate your efforts to become an expert in the field you are the best, with minimum resources.

Growth will be inevitable! So unless you have the resources, put aside ideas of buying multiple dedicated servers. Start off with one dedicated server, or if you are really new to the field, become a webhosting reseller first.

It’s an excellent way to learn the nuances of webhosting, without the trouble of having to manage the server. You can concentrate all your efforts on building your brand.

Create a Personal Bond:

Small businesses have a great advantage over large businesses. You can have more personal interaction with your clients and your staff. You can be more flexible and adaptable in many situations, when compared to your competitors who are big.

This is the time you can create a bond with your clients and staff. Big companies proceed on a professional level rather than on a personal level. Ensure that you make good use of this strength you have. Keeping good relations, will help you even when you turn big!

One of the easiest way to do this is to setup a forum. Mainly as a place for your customers to interact, but its also an excellent tool to gauge the overall satisfaction of your customers.

If they are unhappy, they’ll let you and everyone else on the forum know about it! Make sure you and your team frequently access it, answer common questions and address any problems your customers may have.

Personalized products:

Create products/plans/packages that benefit your clients, instead of imitating your competitors. Do a thorough research and study the requirements of your clients and thus create packages that will make your current clients happy. It is far too easy losing a client than get a new one. Hence keep your existing clients happy.

First impression:

Well begun is half done! Strive for accuracy and quality the first time around. You often do not have a second chance to make a good impression.

This involves a well designed site, courteous and dedicated staff, and fast response over the mail, forum, phone etc. Remember that many a times your sales team will be the face of your organization.


Your business is solely dependent on its reputation. It is imperative that you build a good reputation for the quality of your service. Your main aim should be the quality of your service. Always be honest, be it regarding your services or offers.

Continual improvement:

Webhosting is a highly competitive field, where new technologies emerge every other day, and new companies emerge at the blink of an eye. You need to make yourselves completely updated with the latest technologies.

Constantly mend your offerings, keeping abreast with the technological changes. Frequently visit popular webhosting forums and you’ll be amazed at the amount of information available.

If you are lucky, one of your customers might do all the research for you and will frequently be asking you if you support a new technology he’s just heard of. Don’t miss a chance.

If – when you have multiple server’s, you could dedicate one to testing out new technologies. You could offer a discount or a premium for customers hosting on that server. It would depend on if you wish to use them as guinea pigs or if they want the latest technology out there.

Customer Care:

You might be busy with your work and other activities. But have time to listen and react to your customer’s needs. Customer needs to be treated as the king.

They should feel that they are being cared about. When they are cared about and pampered, they will not only recommend you but they will also remain loyal to you. Customers tend to rate your service each time they contact you for help/support. Remember, personal referrals and word-of-mouth are the least costly yet most effective marketing strategy for your business.


You need to possess confident and dedicated staff who are to some extent creative in work. Such people know how to manage their time and would exceed your expectations. More importantly, they recognize their weakness and move on to nurture alliances and acquire skills they need, to put the business on the right track.

When you talk about success, failure is always there at the other end. But remember “Success is counted sweetest, for those who know the taste of failure”.



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