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Physical Vs Virtual server : Which one should you choose?

Physical Vs Virtual server : Which one should you choose?

Gone are the days where people thought of “servers” as big, bulky machines installed in data centers. Now, “servers” more often mean cloud instances or VPSs.

All that being said, dedicated servers are still a favorite choice for many. Research shows that dedicated server market grows by $237 million each year [1]. So, the question is, what’s the better choice between virtual and physical servers? (more…)

Building a high availability server virtualization system

Building a high availability server virtualization system

$700 for a 64 GB iPhone 6s? Seemed too good to be true, but that’s what the mail in my inbox said. It didn’t look spammy, so, I clicked on the link, and went to the gadget website. Everything looked legitimate with good user reviews. Great! So, I clicked “buy”, and… the website just went blank. It refused to load any more. I went back a page, but the site was still down.

Parallels Cloud Server 6 : To upgrade or Not to upgrade?

Ex-colleague: “Parallels has released a new product. It’s superb!”
Me: “What’s it called?”
Ex-colleague: “PCS6…”

And this is how I first came to hear about PCS6 aka Parallels Cloud Server 6. This conversation occurred about a week before PCS6’s official launch on November 6, 2012. For the remainder of our chat, my ex-colleague went on to extol the benefits of the software. Truth be told, he really had me interested in this new direction that Parallels seemed to be headed in.

Parallels Cloud Server, for people who are new to the concept, combines the features of Parallels Server Bare Metal, Virtuozzo and Cloud technologies. (more…)

Is it really “The Cloud way or The Highway”?

IT experts, analysts, industry leaders and everyone around, talks about Cloud Computing today. Everyone admits that we need to include Cloud, in our existing system. But the question is how and what to use.

Which Cloud to use

You might know that there are two types of Cloud – Public and Private. A public cloud will be like the services of Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Salesforce, that will drive the costs down and relieve you of the burden of managing resources, but at a cost of losing control over them.

Whereas a private cloud will be built using an enterprise’s own resources in the datacenter, and will reside within the enterprise’s firewall, and one will have to manage the whole resource while enjoying full control over them. (more…)

Cloud Storage – unlimited reliable online storage.

Are you part of a Cloud? Have you started using Cloud based services? Do you use Cloud storage? You may answer “No” to these questions, but the simple truth is that, you may already be using Cloud services without even knowing it! Have an email account provided by a 3rd party like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!? Then you’ve already started using Cloud Storage. Yup, your mails are being stored on the “Cloud” of one of these service providers. Read on to find out more about Cloud Storage.


RackSpace + NASA = OpenStack

A few days after Microsoft announced their Azure Platform Appliance, a new Cloud OS entered the scene – OpenStack. While most Cloud OSes out there are proprietary, OpenStack is an open source cloud OS(Its being provided under the Apache 2.0 license) that is being jointly developed by RackSpace and NASA.


What can Windows Azure do for Webhosts?

Windows Azure was in the news again when Microsoft announced the “Windows Azure Platform Appliance” at their Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) on July 12th. It consists of pre-configured containers that hold between a hundred and a thousand servers running the Windows Azure platform. These containers will initially be housed at Dell’s, HP’s and Fujitsu’s datacenters. Microsoft is hoping that large enterprise customers, like eBay, will later host these containers at their own datacenters on site. But what is Windows Azure? and does it have anything to do with Webhosting?


Moving on to Cloud

In today’s economy, Cloud Computing offers the much needed edge and results, for many enterprises. Market as such has given way to more and more players and competitive pricing, which drives in more, to the world of Cloud computing.

The option of Cloud is enticing, since the cost involved is usually low, and it envisages best use of resources, with added flexibility and scalability when compared to conventional computing environments.


Cloud Computing – Is it really changing the World?

Cloud Computing is the network storage of your software applications and data in secured sites. Its main theme is to satisfy the fast growing computing needs of the users.

Some of the major examples are Google Docs and Google Apps which provide common business applications online and accessible from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on their servers. (more…)