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5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

Imagine that you are in the midst of an Ad-campaign and is dependent too much on e-mails. What if your mail server suddenly goes down and it majorly affects your business? Obviously, you’d be frustrated.

Server uptime is therefore, always the utmost priority in web hosting services. A single prolonged server downtime is sufficient to throw you out of your business. To stay competitive in business, you’ve to ensure 99.99% uptime to your customers.

A 99.99% uptime means a total of not more than 54.84 minutes of downtime in a year. As anything from a network issue to a bad hard drive can lead to a downtime, having an effective server monitoring service is vital to ensure this uptime. (more…)

3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

Web servers plays an integral role in web hosting, as they help render lightning fast websites for online businesses. But improperly configured or inadequately maintained web servers can cause website downtime and loss.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we provide specialized web server support aimed at delivering high speed and highly secure web servers.

We’ve learned that speed and security are the pivotal aspects for a web server. Today, we’ll see the prime ingredients of our service that help us deliver outstanding web server support for our customers. (more…)

HTTP Error 503 The service is unavailable – How to resolve this website error in Odin Plesk Windows servers

HTTP Error 503 The service is unavailable – How to resolve this website error in Odin Plesk Windows servers

In Odin Plesk Windows servers, customers sometimes report their sites being unavailable with the error showing : “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.” This usually happens after a major change like a migration, site restore, etc., and leads to all sites of the user being unavailable. (more…)

Data center in a Box

Imagine a scenario where a data center runs out of space. What does the business need to do? It needs to find more space, build the infrastructure, racks, cooling, power and everything that needs to be done to make it a real brick and mortar data-center. Anything from a year plus to build something like that. Wait and spend a lot of money, before any real results come out of it.

Well, those are all scenarios from the past, if vendors like HP are to be believed. They’ve built an entire data center in a 8 ft by 40 ft container, complete with racks, cooling, power and everything it takes to run a data center.

With support for up to 3500 servers in that small space, they promise 50% power savings compared to a traditional data center. What does it mean for data centers?


Configuring Litespeed Webserver

If you are looking for a fast webserver, stop searching and take a look at LiteSpeed Webserver. It is an apache emulator with high performance. It can double the server speed at the same time reduce the server load by half. LiteSpeed has now powered some of the world’s popular websites like WordPress.Com, AirLiners.Net (both having 30+ millions hits per day). LiteSpeed Web Server is the core product of LiteSpeed Technologies Inc. The web server survey conducted on 2006 shows that LiteSpeed powers over 3,00,000 domains and is the 6th most popular web server platform in the world.


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LLMP Configuration

LLMP is a better LAMP . It is fast and stable. Lighty+php is 25% faster than Apache+mod_php . An LLMP server will provide 2 to 3 times faster than a LAMP. Lighttpd webserver is under BSD license so that you can configure it as you wish. (more…)

Installing Chilisoft on Linux

ASP is a server side scripting engine for dynamic web pages. ASP pages contain server-side scripts and HTML tags. As a Microsoft Technology, it works with Microsoft IIS webserver. You can’t run ASP apps on other web servers like Apache, SUN Web Server, Zeus Web Server without using a special application such as ChiliASP or InstantASP.

Sun’s ChiliASP will help us to deploy Active Server Pages (ASP) under a UNIX/Linux environment. Without CASP ( chilisoft asp ), we would have to use Microsoft IIS for working with ASP pages. Sun’s ChiliASP is equivalent to Microsoft’s ASP in its syantax. It works same as that of MS ASP. The main advantage of ChiliASP is that it can run on multiple Web servers including Sun Java System and Apache, and multiple operating systems including Solaris, Linux and Windows. But Microsoft ASP runs exclusively on Microsoft’s operating system and Web server (IIS).


LIGHTY :The future in Web servers

Lighttpd is the Web server of choice if the goal is performance. Lighttpd consumes less resources and at the same time is powerful web server. With FastCGI and Xcache as performance boosters, lighttpd is the best solution for any webserver facing high CPU usage. This article is intended to present Lighttpd and few of its enhanced features. The article will give you steps for installing lighttpd in a fresh linux server and to compile php with fastcgi and finally install Xcache. (more…)

Troubleshooting Apache using strace

Occasionally system administrators can run into situations where the conventional way of troubleshooting an issue may not yield results. The conventional way means using test scripts, observing the log files, tweaking configuration settings and the like. In such cases, one will have to dig deeper into the internals of the server.


Deploying Ruby on Rails

This article is an introduction to the installation and deployment of Ruby on Rails.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is a programming language just like Perl, Python or PHP. Rails is an open source Ruby framework for developing database-backed web applications. You could develop a web application at least ten times faster with Rails than you could with a typical Java framework. It is a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language.