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WHMCS error

How to fix “Insecure Permissions Check” warning in WHMCS

Maintaining business systems can be really hard.

When it comes to billing software like WHMCS, security is a crucial aspect. You can’t take risk with sensitive information like customer data, credit card data, etc.

At Bobcares, our Dedicated Server Engineers periodically review and update all critical software to secure the information stored in it.

“Insecure Permissions Check” is one such security warning that we often fix when auditing WHMCS software.


How to fix WHMCS error “Admin Email Notification Sending Failed”

How to fix WHMCS error “Admin Email Notification Sending Failed”

Managing the customer accounts and provisioning orders via hosting platforms such as WHMCS, is a key task that we perform in our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts.

WHMCS sends notifications to users and admins in the server, in many scenarios such as new order intimation, account creation, support tickets, invoices, etc. (more…)