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Transfer Account with Reseller Permissions

by | Nov 16, 2021

Wondering how to transfer account with Reseller Permissions? We can help you.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several WHM queries.

Today, let us see how we can perform this transfer.


Transfer Account with Reseller Permissions

Generally, when we transfer accounts via the WHM Transfer Tool, we need to make sure to change the following settings.

By default, it does not transfer the reseller permissions to prevent the movement of resellers with overly permissive permissions in place due to security reasons.

1. Initially, from the destination server, we got to WHM >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool

2. Then we insert the source server and password or select the ssh key to use.

3. It is important to ensure that we do NOT select the restrictive transfer.

Because this will prevent reseller permissions from being transferrable even if we select the checkbox or not.

4. After that, we select the user, and then to the right-hand side, we select transfer configuration (a default button with a gear).

5. We need to know what to Transfer? It will include the following items:

Home Directory — Transfer the account’s home directory.
Reseller Privileges — Retain the account’s reseller privileges.
Databases — Transfer the account’s databases.
Bandwidth Data — Transfer the account’s bandwidth data.

Make note that when we transfer the home directory, the system checks whether it can run the rsync command.

If it does not find an error, it will rsync the home directory once the system completes the transfer.

6. Finally, we make sure to select the Reseller Privileges.

[Need help with the transfer? We are here to help you]



In short, we saw the steps our Support Techs employ in order to transfer accounts with Reseller Permissions.


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