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Website statistics using Google Analytics – How to analyze

by | Apr 2, 2021

Wondering about Website statistics using Google Analytics? We can help you.

From our experience in testing Google code for the client’s site, Google Analytics is a powerful web tracking software that tracks a website’s web metrics.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several Google Analytics queries.

Today, let us discuss Website statistics using Google Analytics.


Website statistics using Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets us measure sales and conversions, track how visitors use our website, how they arrived on our site, how we improve our site, and keep them coming back.

Moreover, we can make use of the data on browsers, OS platforms, etc.

  • Google Analytics- Referral traffic

(Traffic Sources >> Sources >> Referrals)

With this feature, we can find where our visitors are coming from.

We can keep track of how our advertisements work and understand how our users interact and use our website features.

In addition, we can track the sharing features on our website like Google +.

With an output of our efforts, we can easily find the points to focus on.

  • Google Analytics- e-commerce

(Under Conversions)

We can make use of google e-commerce to track sales activity and performance if our site sells services online. It gives us our revenue and tax details.

If we have a variety of products, we can use Product Performance data to track the performance of each product. In addition, the Sales Performance statistics gives data about our revenue each day.

Eventually, we can find products that have high demand and improve other services.

  • Google analytics- Landing pages/Exit pages

(Content >> Site Content)

Landing pages give traffic details about the pages our visitors visit more. Thus, we can improve and ensure to make them more interactive and usable.

If the Bounce Rate of certain landing pages is less compared to others, it might be because the page was not relevant to a search request or because the page was not user-friendly.

Exit pages give details about the pages from which users exit. We could check the bounce rate and test and track the reason behind page exits.

In either of the cases, we need to find a way to improve the usability of pages.

  • Google Analytics- New vs Returning

(Content >> Site Content (Behavior >> New vs returning))

This gives statistics on the traffic details of visitors who are new to our website and who return to our website.

  • Google Analytics- Browser & OS

(Technology >> Site Content)

With this, we can track the type of browser, version, and operating systems through which users access our website. We can make use of this data to ensure that our website works fine on them.

For example, if we test and find that our website has a bug in the latest version of IE and less than 2% of our users use them, then it is a lower priority bug.

Meanwhile, if a larger percentage makes use of it, then this should be given high priority.

  • Google analytics- Devices

(Mobiles >> Devices)

Mobile phones are more in use than ever. With this feature, we can find the statistics on the access of our site through mobile browsers.

Hence, we can ensure that our compatibility testing covers these devices.


How to set up Google Analytics

  1. Set up an account in Google Analytics software.
  2. If we have a Google account already, use the email address and password to sign in.
  3. Insert Google Analytics JavaScript Into Pages: We include a block of code that Google provides us on every page which we need to track.
  4. Eventually, enjoy the wide details and statistics tracked by Google.

[Got queries regarding this? We’d be happy to assist you]



In short, Google Analytics is a powerful web tracking software that tracks a website’s web metrics. Today, our Support Techs has shown us features to find Website statistics using Google Analytics.


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