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WHM: Install SSL certificate for Hostname

by | Sep 17, 2021

Stuck with WHM: Install SSL certificate for Hostname? We can help you.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several WHM queries.

Today, let us see how our support techs perform this installation.


WHM: Install SSL certificate for Hostname

Our Support Techs recommend the following steps to install the SSL certificate.

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL on Hostname in cPanel/WHM Server

The Let’s Encrypt allows us to install AutoSSL for the hostname.

In this article, our support techs show how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL to the hostname.

Now, let us discuss the steps to install the same on hostname.

  • Install Let’s Encrypt Auto SSL Provider.

Initially, to install the Let’s Encrypt provider, we run the following command:


Once we install the Let’s Encrypt provider, we change the auto SSL provider to Let’s Encrypt from Comodo.

To do so, we log in to WHMand go to Manage AutoSSL.

  • Install Self-Signed Certificate to Hostname.

1) Here, we log in to WHM as a root user.

2) Then we go to “Service Configuration”.

3) Now, we select the following services and click on “Browse Certificate”.

  • Calendar, cPanel, WebDisk, Webmail, and WHM Services
  • Dovecot Mail Server
  • Exim (SMTP) Server
  • FTP Server

4) We can select hostname and click on “Use Certificates”.

5) Finally, we go ahead and click on “Install”.

  • Replace Self Signed Certificates with Valid Let’s Encrypt Certificates.

Once we install the self-signed certificate, to check SSL certificates, we run:


When we run the above command, it will replace the Self-signed SSL certificates with a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Once done, we can access WHM with the hostname:


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In short, we saw an effective method our Support Techs employ for the SSL certificate installation.


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